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    How To Convert Facebook Profile to Page 2019

    Facebook is used by millions of people across the world. It’s one of the best social media websites one can ever imagine. There are the whole bunch of features available on Facebook which you will not find in any other social media website. Some of the features are very good which users are still not knowing.

    One of the features which generally people don’t know is that there is an alternative available for facebook profile. In short, you can also convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook page. This will give a very good look as well as a nice interface to your feed. First and foremost, if you are running a business then this is very likely what you need to do.

    In this blog, we will be talking about how you can convert your Facebook profile to the facebook page in 2019. We will be also talking about what is the advantage available if you convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook page. Let’s first discuss what are the benefits available.

    Benefits Of Facebook Fan Pages:

    You might be wondering what are the advantages available if you convert your Facebook profile to the facebook page. What follows are the benefits of a fan page.

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    • Your page is available for over 1.19 billion people! Which is definitely a huge market.
    • Creating this Facebook page is absolutely free of cost! Hence, it is the best platform for beginners.
    • You can instantly notify your fans about events, discounts and special offers.
    •  It connects you to your potential customers since your page can be searched on Facebook as well as on Google.
    • This page is well designed with dedicated tabs which make your business or fan page look attractive which attracts customers.

    Along with the above benefits of using a facebook page, you will also be able to know the stats of your website for which you don’t need any prerequisite. However, if you are converting your Facebook profile to a Facebook page be very sure as the reversal might not be possible. You can anyways request to Facebook if you have done it by mistake.

    How To Convert Facebook Profile Into A Facebook Fan Page 2019

    Follow the below steps subsequently.

    1. Log in to your personal account.
    2. Go to account settings and tap on ‘Download a copy’ option.
    convert facebook profile to page
    convert facebook profile to page

    3-Then, click on ‘Start My Archive’ option and again click on ‘Start My Archive’ option which you will find on the pop-up window and then click ‘Okay’.

    After performing the above steps you will get a notification that download is complete.

    4-Click on the link which was provided to you along with the email and again clicks on the ‘Download a copy’ option.

    5-You will be asked to re-enter your Facebook profile password to continue. Hence, enter your password and click on the ‘Continue’ option.

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    6-Now, click on the ‘Download Archive’ option which will appear on your screen to start downloading your data. Store this data somewhere safe!

    7-Then, go to help centre and search for ‘convert profile to page.‘ Here, you will find a topic which says ‘how to convert my profile to a page’. Tap on the link which says ‘begin here’.

    8- You will now be directed to the pages section. Here you can choose what kind of page you want to convert your profile into.

    This is one of the basic steps of how you can convert your Facebook– profile to a Facebook page. I hope this article helps you to do the above task at ease. Please give your valuable suggestion in the comment box. Also, do follow us on every social media website to know more about us.

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