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    Communicate clearly with the Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth headset down to $217


    Working from home? Need to always be ready for the next meeting? The Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth headset is perfect if you’re already moving around a lot anyway. Right now the headset is down to $216.80 at Amazon. That’s a huge drop in price since it normally sells for around $280. It has only dropped this low one other time so far this year, and this is the best price we’ve seen since last year’s Black Friday sale. Grab it while you can before the price jumps back up.

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    We like Jabra. They make good headsets. Whether you need something to pair with your Samsung smartphone or you just need something that’s powerful but inexpensive, Jabra seems to pop up everywhere. So it makes sense that Jabra would have one of the best office headsets around, too.

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    The Evolve 75 uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology and can work with pretty much any Bluetooth device. It actually has dual Bluetooth connectivity so you can stay connected for your calls and connect to another device for music. It also has a range of up to 100 feet so you can wander about instead of sitting in one place. There’s a lot of freedom in a Bluetooth world.

    You’ll also get active noise cancellation with this headset. It uses advanced microphones that can monitor the sounds around you and eliminate those extraneous noises. This helps you when you’re taking calls or just chilling and listening to your favorite tunes.

    With Bluetooth and ANC, you need a good battery. You can get the headset to last for up to 30 hours. It recharges quickly, too, in just two hours. Use it all day without having to worry about the battery getting drained and have it ready to go for your next meeting in no time at all.

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