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    Here come new apps and free games for a limited time

    We can not avoid it, every day we like to give ourselves a spin and to search in the App Store those applications that are paid for iPhone and iPad but for whatever reason today they will be free. That’s why it’s interesting that before you finish the offers you download them your device to enjoy them and have them forever. This is our selection for today, we hope you enjoy it.

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    Week Cal Widget

    You do not need to unlock your device to see your calendar events. Watch your weekly events directly in the notification center. Scroll through hours, days and weeks. All the calendar at your fingertips without unlocking your device!

    [appbox appstore id1048513780]

    Simpler Pro

    An app that you must have yes or yes and thus you will avoid disorders in your contact book.

    • Merge duplicate contacts with just one touch!
    • Save your own contact groups
    • Send group messages and emails instantly
    • Share with your groups of colleagues, friends, and family
    • One touch is enough to make a backup of your contacts!

    [appbox appstore id476148613]

    Epic War TD 2

    Sequel to the legendary Epic TD War that has been downloaded 8,000,000 times

    Prepare to be thrown into the heat of battle. There are no tricks, no added payments and the strategy is simple, massive destruction and win epic battles. A very good game in all rules!

    This is what we have for you:

    • 9 high power towers.
    • 4 mega towers.
    • 50 epic missions.
    • More than 100 hours of enjoyment.

    free games

    [appbox appstore id765482338]

    7-Minute Workout for Kids Pro

    The 7-minute workout is based on strong evidence that high-intensity interval training can provide many of the same benefits as longer workouts but without the same time commitment. There are brief moments of intense workouts with small breaks between exercises, just enough to allow the muscle groups to recover a little before the next exercise, which means that the sequence in which the exercises are performed is very important.

    new apps

    [appbox appstore id1008083834]

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