Clubhouse App Is Now Available For All Android Smartphones, Checkout To Know More

Clubhouse app has finally made its way to Android phones in U.S. markets, checkout to know more

Clubhouse App Is Now Available For All Android Smartphones
Clubhouse App Is Now Available For All Android Smartphones

Clubhouse, an audio-focused social media website, launched an Android version for consumers in the United States earlier this month. Involved consumers outside the United States should only pre-register with the app at the time of the announcement. The wait is almost done, and Clubhouse is now readily available for Android phones.

Clubhouse Now Officially Available On Android

Clubhouse used Twitter to confirm the app’s expanded availability. “Dear all, everywhere: @Android is now available all over the world! ,” Clubhouse wrote in a tweet. The below is a link to the announcement tweet:

Despite the fact that Clubhouse is readily accessible on Android, not everyone will access it right away. To use the app, users must first receive an invitation from another Clubhouse member. Before expanding more on Android, the company expects to recruit millions of users from the iOS waitlist. It’s still focused on adding more languages and improving the app’s usability.

For those who have been waiting to check out the famous audio platform on their mobile, lubhouse’s arrival on Android is welcome news. The change should also aid the company’s expansion, especially now that iOS downloads have slowed.

Several tech companies have copied Clubhouse’s features to their websites since it first became popular. To name a couple, we have Twitter Spaces, Discord Stage Channels, Telegram Voice Chats, and Reddit Talk. Check out the best applications like Clubhouse if you’re looking for an option that doesn’t need an invite to use.

Clubhouse is a game for Android devices (Play Store)