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    How CRM Applications Are Leveraging Cloud?

    CRM or Cloud-CRM is customer relationship management software which is hosted in the cloud. To access CRM software, the internet is a mandatory element. This makes all the users easily access whatever they want at the nick of time. It also means that the organizations’ consumer data is there in the cloud. You can access the cloud using CRM applications with your smartphones and tablets.

    Cloud has become quite popular and most used by the companies to store their databases. The cloud is everybody’s friend for mainly these reasons:

    • You need not run around to manage it every now and then.

    • Infinite in size. You need not worry about the capacity.

    • With the high-speed internet connection; you can access data from anywhere and anytime.

    With this being said, the cloud is that place where you can store your data, apps, services and you can access them whenever you want. Cloud is a big deal because there is a nice chance of running business software like CRM applications on the cloud. They make sure that the users can access their data securely at any time and place and also whatever device they want to access too.

    Cloud is an evergreen technology where its learning and certifications add value not only to your resume but also expands the bracket of a career in Cloud. An AWS cloud certification is a popular undertaking opted by beginners as well as professionals looking at the benefits it holds in the ever-budding field of data and its management.

    How does this whole scenario work out?

    When you use the cloud, you use it like a normal portal or a browser. You just log in and do your work. These apps like Amazon are all consumer cloud apps. These systems do not need any hardware to purchase and manage. These days, organizations have slowly started to understand the benefits of moving data, services, and software online.

    It is happening but is quite slow. With CRM systems, you need not download or install any software on your PCs and mobiles. You can also work from anywhere when you have CRM systems. Ultimately, cloud-based CRM somehow reduces the extra costs for the organizations.

    How are CRM based applications leveraging the Cloud today?

    Today, be it a small business or a huge one, everyone is thinking of buying their own space of cloud to store their data online. Gone are the days where when you hear CRM, you imagine the tech guys to sit and download software to manage the consumer data.

    Now CRM is much more scalable. It is flexible and it can be easily scaled according to the current situation.

    cloud crm applications

    CRM applications which are hosted in the cloud are much more secure today than they were ever before. So they don’t really need much of monitoring over the sensitive data of the consumers. Thus, this is helping the small firms to actually cut costs by not employing the IT professionals for managing their data. Also with CRM, you can integrate the commonly used office applications, email systems, and data backups.

    In recent time, the CRM systems are available with more advanced technologies. They have become user-friendly and also come in varieties. You can choose the solutions according to your business type. CRM is beneficial for all businesses whether they are a small size or big size or belong to any field. The CRM systems are now scalable, flexible, easy to maintain and also the deployment.

    It has recently come to the light that; the cloud services have been increasing rapidly. There are more than $127 billion which have been spent on the cloud and its services in 2018. And the CRM system is helping out even more.

    Why should you use the CRM based Cloud application systems?

    We are definitely talking about the hold or the leverage which the CRM has on the cloud. But here is why you should actually fill up the CRM service application. It is easy and doesn’t have any hassles! You don’t need to buy or download so many hardware or software for this. You just need to sign up and have an internet connection. The data migration, upgradations, installations are all done for you.

    You can access the whole database from anywhere, with any device you want. Smooth access is by far the best feature of CRM. Also, CRM is very easy to use. You buy your space from the cloud, subscribe to it every month and you are good to go. It helps in enhancing your business- whether small or big.

    Also, it is safe and secure. A lot of organizations worry about putting their sensitive data at risk online but having the cloud CRM applications will not let any of those things to happen. You have a cloud-based solution which is SAAS- software as a service which is mainly for security.

    Cloud CRM applications are also compatible with the third party apps and are easily compatible with office applications like MS Word, Excel etc.

    The CRM also helps in cutting costs and expenses in this price and space conscious world. Just choose your CRM application service provider and then you are good to go.

    Why is CRM a preference now?

    A lot of companies understand how useful CRM is. In fact, CRM on the cloud helps in fast completion of a project which can take up to 2-3 years of implementation. It is saving time and also being cost-effective.

    Also, it is helping the smaller businesses to have a centralized database and increase the interactions with the customers. Also, they have instant access to how their sales are going on and what are their opportunities. It helps in automating a lot of tasks, thus making itself accessible for every business out there.


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