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    How To Change Android Fonts Without Root in 2019

    Change Android Fonts Without Root: Android phones can be boring after you use it for some time. Hence if we do some changes it may start looking fascinating. You are may be in doubt about what type of changes are required to make it look more overwhelming. Well changing android fonts can make your device look more fascinating.

    Android fonts are very limited which are in-built and hence by merely changing the settings you can’t change the fonts. To change the fonts easily you need to root your mobile. But what about if we do the same thing without applying root.

    In this blog, we will be talking about the top 5 ways by which we can easily change android fonts using some simple application. The disadvantage of using the root method is that it will void your warranty.

    How To Change Android Fonts Without Root 2018 (5 Methods)

    Well, we will be looking at some top open source application as well as some launchers which can make some drastic change in your android font settings as well as can change your themes too.

    Change Android Fonts Without Root:
    Change Android Fonts Without Root:

    Changing the font of your android phone is not a daunting task. you can do it easily without making your Android phone root.

    Given below are some top launchers as well as some open source application.

    1-Steps to Change Fonts on Android 2018 (Without Root): GOLauncher

    Go launcher is one of the best launchers which you can install to make the immediate changes in your mobile phone.

    • First of all, install GO Launcher from Android Google Play Store.
    • Now, you have to install GO Launcher Fonts from the Play Store. GO Launcher App fonts are Amazing and easy to use App that provides different and cool fonts.
    Change Android Fonts Without Root:
    Change Android Fonts Without Root:
    • You need to search for your favorite font in Go Launcher Fonts. Search for it and download it.
    • Open the Go Launcher App and from the home screen tap the Menu button at right corner. Now there select “Go Settings.”
    • Select the Preferences from the menu then look for the font option.
    •  Now you will see the list of fonts then select the font of your choice. You need to click on “Scan font” to see your downloaded fonts.

    2- iFonts: Change Android Fonts 2018

    Change Android Fonts Without Root:
    Change Android Fonts Without Root:

    iFonts is specially made to run on non-rooted devices. The only limitation this device is facing is that it is finding difficulty to run on Samsung S8 devices. It is only working with devices like Redmi, Xiomi, Meizu, and Maximum all Android devices.

    Download from here- iFonts

    Follow the below steps to change the fonts from iFonts.

    1. First, Enable installation of apps from “Unknown Sources.” This option can usually be found in Settings > Security.
    2. Launch iFont. Go to the Online tab and Tap on a font name that you want to install.
    3. Tap the Download button.
    4. Tap the Set button. Or go to Settings > Display > Font Style. Your newly installed font should appear on the list.
    5. Tap on the new font to use it as the system font.
    6. The font is applied immediately. No need to reboot your device after installation.

    3- System settings

    You will be pleased to know that some smartphones come with great fonts which are in-built and hence you don’t need to do download any application.

    Open Settings > Device > Fonts > Font Style. (Below Android 4.3)


    Open Settings > My Devices > Display > Font Style.

    Only Samsung phones have this features but other devices (NonSamsung devices) may or may not have this feature by default

    4- Font Fix (Only for Rooted Devices)

    Font fix comes with some of the great collection of fonts. The only major shortcomings it is facing is that it is available only for rooted device.

    Download-Font Fix

    5-Change Fonts on Android by Installing Launcher Apps

    Change Android Fonts Without Root:
    Change Android Fonts Without Root:

    There are many lauchers available for your android phones which can easily change your font of the android phones.

    That was all about top 5 methods on how to change the font of your android phones. Keep following us to know more about some latest geeks. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.




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