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    Casting Underway for New Hybrids To Feature in ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2


    sweet tooth season 2 new characters

    Sweet Tooth – Picture: Warner Brothers Television / Netflix

    Sweet Tooth season 2 was given its hotly anticipated renewal in recent weeks and work has quickly begun on the show’s second season. We’ve now learned of four new characters who are currently being cast for the upcoming second season.

    As you may know, season 2 of Sweet Tooth was recently confirmed with 8 episodes planned for season 2 with Jim Mickle returning for showrunning duties. It’s currently set to return to production in January 2022 and then wrap in May.

    All these new roles opened up are for characters that we’re told have featured in the comics. All of these roles are labeled as recurring guest stars. Hybrids, for those who haven’t seen Sweet Tooth yet, are a mix between children and animals.

    So, let’s take you through some of the new characters being cast for the second season:

    New Hybrids Characters To Feature in Sweet Tooth season 2

    All of the characters we’re going to list below are around 10 years old according to our source.

    Finn Fox – Mostly human with fox ears, red fur and a bushy foxtail. Sly and wary, he’s brand new to the hybrid family. He’s seen the good and bad of humans, so he can be distrustful at times, even to other hybrids like Gus. He’s brave, confident and can be a little sneaky, like he’s got a trick up his sleeve. His parents taught him to speakbefore they died, but he’s not polished. He puts thoughts together in run on sentences, and speaks up only when it matters. But when hedoes, others listen.

    Wally Walrus – He has big tusks, little flippers, and
    deep, expressive eyes. He’s newer to the hybrid family and he’s still very shy. He misses his adoptive mother, Aimee, who has been working to make him feel more comfortable with the group. He’s afraid of the dark and struggles to sleep without a night light. When he speaks, his words come out in song lyrics. He has a sing-songy cadence. He needs to be around water.

    Haley Mockingbird – She’s got a beak and walks with skinny, stork-like legs. She’s a spirited, impatient child who has opinions and isn’t afraid to express them. The only problem is, her words are limited. When she speaks, her words come out in angry bird song or rage tweets. But she can also mimic words and voices of others perfectly. She is usually in some kind of argument and can be a troublemaker for the others. But she’d rather antagonize adults than her siblings.

    JoJo Cat – Wide-eyed and docile, she is eternally curious about people and puzzles. Basically everything. If she’s in a cage, she tries to squeeze out. If she sees a light or people moving, she’s transfixed by the action. She loves to curl up into a ball and nap all day. But right as the sun sets, she engages her siblings in play for hours. She moves lightning fast and runs circles around her playmates. She loves to groom her hair and her oversized ears. Humans and other animals are allergic to her.

    Now at this point, we must stress we couldn’t find these characters in the comics or any that match their descriptions but perhaps we missed something.

    We should also point out that sometimes names used in casting calls may not be their names in the end product. They could even be decoy names which is what we’ve seen for casting calls for Avatar: The Last Airbender and One Piece for example.

    Either way, it looks like the hybrid family is expanded in season 2 with these four new characters.

    Are you excited for Sweet Tooth season 2? Let us know in the comments down below.


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