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    How to Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription 2019

     Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription 2019: Apple news is one of the most overwhelming applications of Apple. It has some great features to keep you updated with news happening around you. However, some of the features of Apple news are premium and hence you need to subscribe if you want to use it.

     Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription 2019: Some users do go for the subscription but then they don’t know that if they don’t like it then they can cancel it anytime. In this blog, we will be showing you how to cancel apple news subscription with some of the easiest steps.

     Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription 2019:
    Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription 2019:

    How to Cancel & Unsubscribe Apple News+ Subscription on iPad or iPhone

    1. Open the Apple News app on the iPhone or iPad
    2. On iPad, tap the Sidebar icon in the top left corner; On iPhone, tap the “Following” tab on the bottom
    3. Scroll down in the list and tap on “Manage Subscriptions”
    4. At the “Edit Subscription” screen for Apple News+, tap on ‘Cancel Subscription’
    5. Tap Confirm to confirm the cancellation of Apple News+ subscription
    6. Tap on “Done”

    After you click on done you will be no longer receiving the content of Apple news plus however you will still get access to normal apple news application.

    How to Cancel Apple News+ Subscription on Mac

     Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription 2019: On the Mac, you can cancel Apple News Plus subscriptions through iTunes the same way you manage other subscriptions by logging into the Apple ID, then choosing “Manage” to adjust the subscription to Apple News Plus from there.

    You can also do the same process through the Apple store.

    Please note that you can’t cancel the subscription if you are on an older version of iOS. It requires the newest version to get cancel. Don’t forget to cancel the subscription from the newer version or device.

    If after canceling the subscription you feel that you want it back then you can easily go to the manage section to get the Apple news plus content. The monthly fees of Apple news plus is $9.99 per month.



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