Best Caller ID/ Caller Identification Apps for Android in 2019

Best Caller ID Apps for Android in 2018
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Caller Id apps or Caller Identification Apps are must to have apps in these days. Be it any hour of the day, you can expect telemarketing calls or other unwanted calls. These days, it is really hard to share numbers online, as the complaint about unwanted calls is in a rise and Android being the best and most used Mobile Platform.

It still lacks a good caller id. The one which comes with pre-installed is not promising as it should be. It will be able to show the name of the caller only if it is saved else it will show only the reign from where the number probably belongs.

Caller Identification Apps works in a very simple manner. They will scan their database for the previous record for that number and show if you got some info about it. Most of the apps have a rich database of numbers which allows them to identify the caller behind.

Such apps will let you know if the caller is an individual or a Business. It mostly works on the basis of feedback given by the users and they sync the numbers from contact with their Database.


Caller Identification Apps: True Caller is the most popular call blocker & Caller ID app in this area. This app comes with comes with a smart search feature which works for all parts of the world.  Due to its high user base, it has gathered a big database of numbers and their Owners.

Along with that it also asks for user feedback which enables them to maintain trustworthy detail from the users. Along with this, it also comes with SMS Filter which can filter Spam SMS from your Inbox. It requires an active internet connection in your Smartphone for functioning.

Caller Identification Apps/ called id online
Caller Identification Apps/ called id online


Caller Identification Apps: This name might give you a small Heart attack but relax; it got nothing similar to its name. CIA here stands for Caller Identification app. Once you install and open it.

This app will automatically gather info about the callers and flash the info in the overlay. CIA has mastered in predicting if a call is a promotional or another spam call.

Thanks to the algorithm it uses to get the job done. Blocking a number is quite as well as SMS filtering.

Caller Identification Apps/ called id online
Caller Identification Apps/ called id online


Caller Identification Apps:  apps are good when they can fetch more and more info about the caller. So, here Hiya does the job. Often regarded as the WhitePage app in the App store has a very good database to detect the caller.

Though this app is free, it comes with no irritating ads so far. Thanks to over 10 million downloads from the Play store, it is improving day by day. IT comes with Call blacklist and SMS Filtering for better performance.

Caller Identification Apps/ called id online
Caller Identification Apps/ called id online


Caller Identification Apps: Caller ID by CallApp This is one of the oldest players among the Caller ID apps. Caller ID by CallApp not only identifies the caller but only accurately predict if the call is promotional or Spammy.

This app has around 100 million users worldwide, so as it claims it has a database of over 1 billion Contact numbers around the world. It also alerts you if the international Calls are promotional or Spammy.

It also offers Call Filters and Blacklisting along with SMS Filtering.

Caller Identification Apps/ called id online
Caller Identification Apps/ called id online

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