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    BRAIN IQ: World’s first 48MP phone (8 GB/1 TB )

    Technology is in its peak form. Every product is coming out in its own. Be it a mobile phone, a sterilization cap or anything. Everything is coming in advance form and hence I want to introduce you all to a product called BRAIN IQ. It is the world’s first 48MP phone.

    It is having the whole bunch of features which you might find quite overwhelming. This phone will define a new way how people will have their view on camera. As this phone is having the world’s first 48MP phone it will give a very high clarity to the images.

    In this blog, we will be talking about BRAIN IQ phone which is having different features. This phone is totally a monster as it is having some features which you will not find on any phone. Lets now talk about the team which is behind this phone.

    TeknoCash Team

    TeknoCash team is behind this monster phone. Their only vision is to take the making of a smartphone to a new level altogether. If you are tired of using up a phone and you just want to change it due to lack of a feature then this phone is what you need at the moment.

    Key features of BRAIN IQ phone

    BRAIN IQ: Take eye-quality photos with 48 MP

    We’re improving the quality of the camera with this new project. Not only that!, but we also designed the other features of the phone in an extraordinary way; ~5000 mAh ~Helio P90~8GB RAM ~1TB ROM ~BT5.0


    It is having Inexhaustible Battery and Brief Unlimited Smartphone we researched your needs and complaint. Brain designed for you. Brain users, Remember! Attention to use Because it is very smart.

    This phone will be available for all very shortly. Stay tuned on this page to know more about this stuff. Follow us on different social media website to get more information about technical stuff.



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