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books online

Now read books online for free. You can read all your favorite books online, free of cost, without giving a single penny. On your computer or on your smartphone connected with the internet connection on an application, mostly safari, IE, or chrome. You don’t need a Kindle to read ebooks. You can read the full version of the book or just a sample of a book to be sure that you want to buy the full book or not. These websites, which are listed below, are thousands of books to read.

Smashwords is ebook self-publishing and distribution platform saving independent authors and publishers. Smashwords is a distributor of ebooks serving independent publishers and authors. Smashwords allows publishers and authors to digitally publish and distribute ebooks for the public to read online, free, or sometimes paid. This website is really good at smash. There are 290000 approx books from 100000 authors, and they have the option to let their audience read just some percentage of the book or the entire book.

smashwords is one of the best and significant content discovery and eCommerce website, which launched in the month of February 2013, devoted to books. This site has an extensive database of books and authors, add books to user-created digital shelves, custom book recommendations, read editorial content, and also purchase physical books, ebooks. You can also sign in and read books online for free.



With the section of more than 50000 that are available on the website, ManyBooks serves as an excellent option for bibliophiles to appease their carving for good books. The site hosts a variegated collection of books formatted for eReaders like Kindle and some other popular formats such as MOBI, EPUB, TXT, PDF, etc.

Browsing for books is quite easy on many books as it offers neatly categorized sections of texts in different genres. Furthermore, it has recommended and featured authors section that can help readers pick their next book.



This website provides books online to read online on every category you can think of. If you are specifically looking for educational textbooks or business books, Bookboon will help you to find exactly what you need.

This free book site has a section of thousands of ebooks ready to be downloaded and read. You just need to visit some of the free section available and enter a few details to download books. The website is easy to navigate and is also well categorized. Apart from English, Bookboon provides texts in other languages such as Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, French, Creech, and Spanish.



Feedbooks offers an immense collection of original as well as public domain books free of cost. The website has a neat interface with a well-cataloged section of books, which ranges from Mystery Novels, Short Stories, Fantasy, Action, History to even Academica books, and much more.

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The Download page for each book displays helpful information such as word count, synopsis, reading hours, publishing date, etc. You can download books online free of cost without even signing up in standard formats such as MOBI, PDF, EPUB.


 PDF Books World

If you are looking for a good website where you can read and download eBooks in PDF format for free, then your search ends here, this eBooks publisher digitizes books that have attained the public domain status to be downloaded in PDF format which can be read on many other devices as well.

The interface of the PDF Books World is easy to use, and the content has been categorized into non-fiction, fiction, academia, novels, and juvenile section. The comprehensive bookshelves on this platform offers with the free PDF books on any subject for readers of all ages.

Just like other platforms, PDF Books World does not list any download links to external websites. Instead, they store it on their server itself and offer free membership for a longer period of time.

pdf books world

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