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    How To Solve Bluetooth not working after iOS 12 update?

    Solve Bluetooth not working after iOS 12

    iOS keeps on coming with updates to improve the user interface, durability as well as reliability. While some of the features improve some remain unfixed. Bluetooth is one of the features which face some issues every time you update your iOS.

    Bluetooth problems may arise due to firmware compatibility issues with third-party application. Some users are experiencing this problem after updating their device to iOS 12. Whenever they are trying to connect their device to the third-party application it’s not getting connected.

    In this article, we will try to solve this problem so that you can easily connect your device to the third-party application. Let’s get started.

    Major Fiasco of Bluetooth issues in iOS 12

    There is some major problem which users are facing after updating their device to iOS 12.

    Let’s discuss some of them

    • Bluetooth is not able to discover the third-party application hence making it difficult for the user to connect with Bluetooth.
    • while Trying to connect its spinning forever and status is not showing “connected”.
    • After a successful connection with the third-party application.

    We will try to discuss and solve this problem with the help of some tips and tricks. If your problem is still not solved after this then try restoring your device and connect it with iTunes to restore it before the reboot.

    Troubleshooting tips: How to fix Bluetooth issue in iOS 12

    Before proceeding further let’s first check whether the problem is with your device or the third-party application. For that connect the third-party application with other iPhone device be it of your friend. If its getting connected then problem is in your device rather than the third-party application.

    1. Pair and unpair the Bluetooth device –

    Solve Bluetooth not working after iOS 12

    Pairing the device and then again unpairing it with the same device can do wonders. Tap on the ‘i’ on the right-hand side of the row and choose ‘Forget This device’. Switch off and restart your iPhone and then try connecting again to the Bluetooth device to see if it works for you.

    2. Quick Reset-  

    Solve Bluetooth not working after iOS 12

    This is the basic step which you are supposed to do while trying to fix this issue. If you don’t know how to reset your device then here you go. Press the home and on/off button for 10 seconds until you saw an Apple logo. Release the button when you see it and then let your iPhone do the work.

    3. Reset the network-

    Solve Bluetooth not working after iOS 12

    Reset your network to resolve this issue. Go to Settings > General > Reset and choose ‘Reset Network Settings’.

    4. Solve Bluetooth not working after iOS 12

    This step consists of two processes and this is the one which is helping many users like you to get rid of this problem. First is unpair your device then reset all of your connection again. Now try to pair your device. It’s more likely that your device will be getting connected and start running on the go.

    Hope the above steps help you to get rid of the problem related to Bluetooth in iOS 12. Don’t forget to follow us on social media so that you can read some of the latest hacks related to technology.




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