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    BlueBorne, Bluetooth vulnerability affecting 8.000 million devices

    A new malware is putting at risk the use of mobile, portable and even home appliances. It is called BlueBorne, and Bluetooth vulnerability affecting 8.000 million devices, no matter under which operating system to run, either Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android.

    BlueBorne attacks computers, mobile phones, and devices that are integrated into the Internet of Things (IoT, Internet of Things) by Bluetooth and wireless network connection.

    Aramis, dedicated to IoT security, said BlueBorne can come in and take control of any of your devices with Bluetooth and internet without being paired with an attacking device.

    Today, Bluetooth is one of the most extended and common to connect a device with other technologies and is used by 8,200 million devices. The caveat is that now all these connected devices are vulnerable, with no additional security measures to identify them and stop them. So far the number of affected computers is unknown, unlike CopyCat, which infected more than 14 million.

    Devices that can affect BlueBorne are:

    – All Android devices, except those that use Bluetooth Low Energy.

    – All computers running Windows Vista or newer.

    – All systems based on Linux as Tizen and webOS, using the BlueZ stack and version 3.3-rc1 or later.

    – All iOS devices running iOS 9 or older.

    BlueBorne could get the only indicator of the MAC address of the device and, through it, knowing the operating system used and allow the hacker to take complete control since Bluetooth typically runs with privileges in operating systems. A few weeks ago it was discovered that a malware for Mac users was spying for years without anyone noticing.

    One recommendation is to be aware of which devices are paired with ours, as is always looking detectable Bluetooth devices.

    With the information in hand, manufacturers and sellers of these platforms already started to deploy security updates for its users, as well as Apple devices running iOS 7.2.2 or TVOS 10 not affected. And Google has already made available the patch for BlueBorne.

    BlueBorne, Bluetooth vulnerability affecting 8.000 million devices can affect your smart watch, the wireless mouse and even the lighting of the bulbs in your home.

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