BetterCCXI – Enhance Music and Connectivity Control Center Modules


BetterCCXI has aims to bring a better module design to the devices which is running on the iOS 11. So, you can download this new Cydia tweak for all your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod below.


BetterCCXI Cydia tweak brings an advanced and latest version for the Music and Connectivity modules to the Control Center. It is developed by renowned tweak developer and a computer scientist Andrew Wiik.

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.

Credits: YaluJailBreak

The preferences section of this tweak is very easy and simple to use. You can easily choose the connectivity and music modules from the various set of options which are available.

Credits: YaluJailBreak

Here is the full list of all the sizes which are available for the music and connectivity options:

Connectivity module size 

  • 4 wide x 2 tall
  • 3 wide x 2 tall
  • 2 wide x 2 tall

Music module size 

  • 4 wide x 1 tall
  • 3 wide x 2 tall
  • 2 wide x 3 tall
  • 2 wide x 2 tall

As far as the music module goes, the “4 units wide and 1 units tall” size goes along really well and just like with the Connectivity modules.

You can play around with the various sizes of these modules and select the one that you prefer to use according to your choice.

Download BetterCCXI CYDIA Tweak

This amazing tweak brings a Control Center reality to the concept. If you want to give your current setup a makeover, then this tweak is definitely worth installing and using.

BetterCCXI is available for download on Packix repository for $1.00 and is also compatible with the iOS version 11.