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    Top 8 Videos Sites After YouTube? Alternatives to YouTube

    YouTube is most famous for watching videos and other stuff online. Youtube keeps on coming with new updates and the recent being to download the videos offline.

    There is a myth that YouTube is the only platform where you can watch videos online. Definitely, its one of the best website to watch the video but there are many videos which are fake out there. The sole purpose of those websites is to gather views and earn. But what if YouTube shutdowns forever? Don’t worry we have got the best alternative to YouTube.

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    In this blog, we will be going to talk about some best alternatives available for YouTube. There are many websites available which are unique in its own way. There are many features of websites which are not available on YouTube. Before discussing the websites let’s first discuss why we need YouTubes alternatives.

    Why Alternatives To YouTube?

    YouTube Alternative 2018

    You might be thinking why there is a need for alternatives to YouTube. Let me tell you everyone’s time is precious and hence you might be wasting your time on YouTube as there are lots of videos which are fake and not useful. Below mentioned websites are unique in its own way.

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    8 Best Alternatives to YouTube 2018

    Below mentioned websites are top * best alternatives to YouTube 2018.



    You will be amazed to know that Metacafe came into existence before YouTube. Its user interface is very unique and easy to use. You will get the whole bunch of category in the front page or home page. There are lots of hits encountered every month on the website. You will also get Top videos for the day on the home page.

    2- Vimeo | Best YouTube Alternative

    youtube alternative

    If you get annoyed when you see the whole bunch of ads while watching any video then Vimeo is the website which you should look forward to. The front page of Vimeo will come up with a sign-up form which you can skip. Other additional features of this website are that you can upload videos sized 500 MB weekly if you are on trial pack.

    3- DailyMotion | YouTube Alternatives

    YouTube Alternative 2018

    It comes with a great interface very similar to the one which YouTube used to have in the past. You can search for any videos there through the search bar. You can also upload a video of a maximum of 60 minutes in length and 4 Gb in size with a resolution. Trending videos will appear on the homepage.

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    4- Flickr

    YouTube Alternative 2018

    Flickr was made to display images. If you are looking for some knowledge materials which are worthful then Flickr is a go to website. Let me tell you a very unique feature of Flickr and that is along with uploading images you can also upload videos. The free account of this website provides with 1 Tb memory and the Pro account provides with unlimited storage space.


    YouTube Alternative 2018

    Vube comes with a very great interface and it’s very easy to use. Its one of the youngest website to watch videos online. Subsequently, it has maintained its rank in the top 100 websites. You can easily find videos through the search bar.

    Conclusion: Above mentioned websites are the best YouTube alternatives having some unique features. Give it a try to all the above websites you are definitely going to like it.



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