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    Best Windows 10 Themes and Skins

    If you are having a Windows computer, then you must be very popularly aware of what does a Windows theme or skin means. In the contextual thing, both the themes and skins are same. When we talk about Windows, we always use the term “Theme”, but if we use a 3rd party software to customize Windows look, then we use the term “Skin”.

    So in this entire article, we bring you best 10 cool Windows 10 themes/skins for your PCs and laptops in no particular order:

    Penumbra 10

    If you really want to change the entire Windows 10 Experience then you must need to go with Penumbra 10. It will be mixing colors into a good-looking user interface which has a natural dark colors. It would work with latest new updates. Everything is good in this theme but you will find little bit issue in installing a theme. It’s complicated to install particular theme easily.

    Nome Theme

    This interface or theme is really one of the amazing theme which can provide your laptop with a mesmerizing look. This theme comes with an amazing interface which you might not expect. This interface provides you with the cool classic like interface. You must surely try this classic, cool, transparent interface on your Windows 10 to enhance the look of your desktop.

    Aero 7 Theme

    This is a theme or skin which provides an amazing interface to the Windows 10 system which you might not expect. After installing it on the Windows 10, this theme will provide you with a native look and a cool glassy transparent interface with looks very glossy. You should once try this interface on your Windows 10 to enhance the look of your desktop.

    Windows 10 Themes


    Silk theme is definitely one fascinating Windows themes which is available for free of cost that you can get. It has the power of simply turning an ordinary computer into an artistic piece of electronic device. Silk theme allows users to easily modify and customize its main features such as colors and the appearance of icons. You can also rearrange the folders according to your requirement so that they appear like a stack of cards.

    Ubuntu Light Theme

    There are many times when we tried this look on our desktop and those who have not yet used this they must try this as this look is really a soothing theme which is available for the Windows desktop. You must try this interface on your Windows 10 to enhance and modify the look of your desktop.


    Vanilla Theme

    This is a theme which is having a very elegant and clean UI. Vanilla theme shares the similar look just like that any other cloud service share. This theme does not having any border. This theme merely enhances the Operating System look on your system and make it more elegant. You must try this interface on your system Windows 10 to give a new look of your desktop.

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