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    Best TouchPad Gestures in Windows 10 that you should Know

    One of the things that Microsoft is trying to improve on PCs (especially now with Windows 10), is the touchpad problem. Everyone who has had a laptop with Windows in this life knows that the vast majority are terribly bad and deficient, and if we dare to compare them with those of a MacBook, for example, anything was left in pain.

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    With Windows 8 / 8.1 Microsoft began pushing a better manufacturing standard for the touchpads that each company includes in its products, they imposed several special requirements that a manufacturer must meet in order to enter the select group of the precision touchpad.

    Windows 8.1 has some interesting gestures, but whose use was really useless for most. Some have to do with incomprehensible charm bars, and with the change of applications Modern to full screen. With Windows 10 the gestures for the touchpad are truly useful.

    Of course, in order to use them you need to have a precision touchpad (if your computer is old – some 3 or 4 years old – forget it). You can check by going to the Configuration menu > Devices> Mouse and touch panel there you should see a message informing you if you have one of those. If you do not see anything, open the Additional Mouse Options and check if any of the tabs are talking about a Synaptics device.

    Gestures in Windows 10

    • Make scroll: with two fingers on the touchpad, you can slide horizontally or vertically.
    • Pinch to zoom: Just like on a modern smartphone, use two fingers and zoom in or out to enlarge or shrink. Works with browsers, photo applications, or any application that allows zooming.
    • Instead of right-clicking to display more options you can touch the touchpad with two fingers at the same time.
    • Drag windows: Quickly double-click a window’s menu bar and you can move it with ease without having to hold down a button.
    • Task view: the same thing you do with the new button on the superbar, or with the keyboard shortcut Win + Tab. Place three fingers on the touchpad and drag them to the screen. You will see all the windows open.
    • Show all windows: If you are viewing the desktop, slide three fingers to the screen and bring all open windows to the front.
    • Show the desktop: slide three fingers towards you and you will see the desktop again.
    • Change window: Swipe three fingers left or right to move between the next or previous window.
    • Cortana: Touch the touchpad gently with three fingers at the same time and the dialog of Cortana opens.
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