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    XNSPY: Best Android Spying App Review

    People are busy yet people want to know what is happening in their loved ones’ life. The more we are engaged nowadays, the more we rely on technology to do the work we can’t do. Spy apps are good tools to monitor others remotely and know what they are up to. Spy apps reveal you all about the ones who are close to you or partner through cell phone spying technology.

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    XNSPY is the best android spying app which will help you to spy on your partner and track what he is up to in your absence. You do not always need to sit beside him/her and see what is happening in their lives. You can see what they are hiding or if they are trying to cheat on you by just monitoring their cell phone activity.

    This app has myriad of features which give you access to call logs, SMS, photos, and videos stored on the gallery of the target device. Here is how you can start with it.

    Kicking off with XNSPY:

    1. In order to start, you need to buy a subscription plan plus sign up for Xnspy.
    2. The details of the account will be shared through email delivering username, password and activation code.
    3. Install the app on the device, insert activation code and start monitoring.

    What it offers:

    Once you kick off you will see a dashboard. The Dashboard is the Control Panel of the app which will help you toggle all necessary features listed below.

    1. Monitoring Call logs and SMS

    You can easily view remotely who is calling or texting your partner. This app will help you monitor the full call log and messages of the target device and other details including duration, date and time stamps along with.

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    1. Recording Calls and Surrounding

    You can also record calls and surroundings. It records calls of both saved and unsaved numbers and gives details about duration and date. It also records the surroundings by turning your handset into a microphone where you can record voices and sounds around the target device.

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    1. View Installed Apps and App Blocking.

    This best Android spying app will help you access the other apps installed on the target device. This will help you monitor if your partner is using any dating apps or not. The app blocking will help you to block the app which you don’t want the target device holder to use.

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    1. Monitoring the Instant Messaging Apps

    The best part of any cell phone spy app that it gives a full coverage of the Instant messaging apps of the target device. With this, you cannot only view the chats and full calls log but also see the multimedia shared within chats.

    1. Tracking the photo and Videos stored in Gallery

    If you want to track the photos and videos stored on the phone, this app will help you do that.

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    1. Taking Screenshot Remotely

    You can remotely take screenshots of the device and see live what others are doing on their cell phone.

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    1. Remotely Wiping the Device Data

    If you lose your phone, you can also secure the data from misuse. You can wipe the data remotely by deleting all activities and information saved in it.

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    1. Locking the Phone

    You can also lock the phone of the target device in case it is lost and vulnerable to misuse.

    This best Android spying app does not stop here; it helps you monitor your partner through Watchlist Alerts. More on this below.

    Watchlist Alerts

    The Watchlist Alerts has three tabs which include Watchlist Contacts, Watchlist Locations, and Watchlist Words.

    You can track a word by adding it to your words watchlist and see if your partner uses this in his/her conversation. You can also monitor a contact by adding it to watchlist. You will receive a notification whenever that specific number contacts the target device.

    Location Tracking

    XNSPY is so far the best Android spying app which has a reliable location tracker to constantly report you on the current location of the target device. If you miss out the real-time location tracking, it saves all locations visited by the target device in Location History which you can see later on.

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    In addition to this, it will help you to add specific locations to Watchlist Location and get alerted if the person enters the watchlisted location. You can also keep track of the check-ins and check-outs of the target device holder on a specific location.


    With 30+ features, you might think it is expensive. No, not at all. The subscription plans are cheap and will cost you $99 for Basic Edition and $149 for Premium Edition.


    It is compatible with both Android and iOS.


    • Xnspy is fast and has user-friendly interface
    • It is cheap when compared to other spy apps
    • You cannot detect this app on the target phone and it also uses less ROM.


    • This app does not offer Free Trial but offers a Live Demo
    • Also, it does not monitor the social media activity of the target device

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    The Xnspy’s customers report greater post-purchase satisfaction that is why it has a high rating. Also, the app delivers fast performance. In addition to this, this app is rich in features and incorporates the price concerns in the market. That is why we find it becoming popular in spy app users. If you want to spy on someone, go for it!


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