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    Best Shows Like ‘Rick & Morty’ on Netflix


    shows like rick and morty netlfix

    Rick & Morty – Picture: AdultSwim

    Rick & Morty season 5 just wrapped up on AdultSwim and if you’re at a loss as to what to watch next, here are some of our top suggestions that are currently on Netflix (either in the US or widely available elsewhere). 

    As we’ve covered before, not every Netflix region carries Rick and Morty. The US for example has no access to the show with your only options being Hulu or HBO Max. Those outside the US get Rick and Morty either long after the series wraps or weekly. To find out which one of these you are, check out our season 5 release schedule for Rick and Morty.

    So without that out of the way, let’s take a look at 5 top suggestions as to what to watch on Netflix if you love Rick and Morty.

    Shows Similar to Rick and Morty on Netflix

    The Midnight Gospel

    Seasons available: 1
    Availability: Worldwide

    the midnight gospel netflix

    Rick and Morty has certainly had some trippy scenes throughout its run with the music video released in March 2018 being a prime example. If you’re thinking “I was all of Rick and Morty was as trippy as that” then The Midnight Gospel is almost definitely up your alley.

    We have good and bad news regarding the future of The Midnight Gospel. Firstly the good news is that it does have a future but the bad news is that it won’t be with Netflix. Netflix canceled the series after a single outing but did get revived by AdultSwim (the same network that runs Rick and Morty) so there’s a natural link there too.


    Seasons available: 3
    Netflix availability: Global

    If you love the science fiction elements of Rick and Morty then there’s no better sci-fi show on Netflix than the German series Dark. To be honest, we’d be able to find a way of recommending Dark under any circumstance but there’s a nice link here given the two deals with multiple dimensions.

    Dark goes beyond some of the complex sci-fi tropes you’d see in Rick & Morty and is honestly the best foreign title on Netflix right now (with the creators working on their next genre-bending title as we speak).

    Final Space

    Seasons available: 2 (+1 to arrive soon)
    Netflix availability:
    International outside of the United States

    final space netflix

    Because of the similar themes and genres, Final Space has always been compared to Rick and Morty but it really deserves credit for how unique it is and often criminally underrated.

    The space-centric series sees a human prisoner going on an interstellar adventure with his brand new alien who has the ability to destroy planets.

    Sadly, this series is only available on Netflix outside the United States but in the US, you can find it streaming on HBO Max.

    Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series

    Seasons available: 2
    Netflix availability: Worldwide

    trailer park boys animated series netflix

    Rick and Morty’s humor is perhaps what made it the giant show that it is and we’d definitely equate Trailer Park Boys generally to have a similar nihilistic take on life that Rick does.

    While we’d recommend the main Trailer Park Boys series as-is anyway, we’d particularly push you towards the animated series which doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit. The series effectively acts as season 13 and 14 of the main show so having some background knowledge of the characters will certainly help going in.


    Seasons available: 5
    Availability: Worldwide

    community netflix

    You may be surprised to see Community on this list but the link is pretty obvious. Dan Harmon, one of the two creators of Rick and Morty was also the lead writer on this NBC show (for some seasons anyway). While the link pretty much stops there, Community does have some extremely funny moments which is why we’re listing this here.

    That’s our five picks of the best shows on Netflix like Rick and Morty. Have we missed any that you think should make the cut? Let us know in the comments down below.


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