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    5 Best Services to Create, Share and Listen to Music Online

    We all love to listen music, as music is the only thing which refreshes our mood and make us happy sometimes. So, here we have compiled the list of top 5 music services online:


    Spotify which is a very popular music streaming service that allows you to experience hi-fi music with the help of a user-friendly interface and some of the more additional features. The service is available for various platform which includes the – including Xbox and PlayStation. Moreover, it is regularly updated and is free to use, but you will find better features in its pro version, which is at a cost of around $20.


    Pandora is an internet-based radio station, which will help you to boasts of a one-of-a-kind music analysis and recommendation engine that evolves as per your preferences. Just like other apps, it also works on mostly all the operating system which includes the Android, iOS, Windows, and the web; but like the former, it is free with any of the advertisement.

    Google Play Music

    Google Play Music works as an online service to stream and store music with an ease. You can access your music library at any point of time, with the help of any device, and even with or without the help of any internet connection. However, unlike Spotify, Google Play Music is only available on three platform as of now Android, iOS, and the web.

    Apple Music

    Apple Music is a favorite music streaming app which is most famous among all the apple fans. It offers a wide range of 45 million songs and works with iTunes app on four platforms as of now which includes the Android, macOS, iOS, Sonos, Windows, and the web. As of now, it does not offer a free plan, but you may find a trial option as a first time user.

    Amazon Music

    Amazon music is a new entry in the market with music streaming that offers a library of just 2 million songs. It works on multiple platforms which includes the Android, Fire OS, macOS, iOS, Windows, and the web. It comes with the subscription package of Amazon Prime, and thus, it is not free, as just like Apple Music, but you can get a trial some, the paid version is at a cost of Rs 129/month.



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