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    Best Websites and Books To Learn Machine Learning in 2018

    One day or the other machine learning must have fascinated you. In today’s world, everything is moving onto artificial intelligence so you might need to upgrade yourself to enhance this skill.
    Machine learning can open up a whole bunch of new opportunities in this era. Its one of the most reliable language. If you are a computer science student then everything is fair enough for you in terms of learning this language.
    If you have got no clue from where to start for this language then don’t worry we have got you covered. In this blog, we will be talking about some sources from where you can learn this new language without any complexity.
    It will include the list of book, websites, and many other sources.
    Let’s start with the book section.

    Best books to learn machine learning.

    What follows is the list of books which should be preferred if you are a beginner. For a complete understanding of the machine learning, you should have a clear understanding of the basics.

    1-Introduction to machine learning with python

    This book was written by Tom. M. Mitchel helps you to better grasp the basic of this language along with some case studies. Case studies help you to grasp the knowledge in a better way.

    2-Pattern recognition and machine learning By Christopher M. Bishop-

    This blog is good for those students who want to learn more about pattern recognition and statistical technique. This book is very important as this book have some basic which needs to be cover.

    3-Machine language for hackers

    This book is used when you have some basic knowledge about R language. Hackers will love this book as this will tell you about hacking tips through machine language.

    Best online courses on machine learning

    If in case you don’t prefer books and want some interactive way to learn machine language then here comes some online courses for you which will help you to learn this language in some new way.

    1-Machine Learning: (Andrew Ng, Stanford University via Coursera)-

    This lecture is given by the founder of google brain Andrew Ng. The 11-week course consists of deep learning and neural network prior to machine learning. This course has two option to access. If you want to have full access then it will be a paid version otherwise for basic its free.

    2-Machine Learning: (Professor John W. Paisley, Columbia University via edX-

    This course is a 12-week course given available on edX. It’s a free version where you can easily complete all the exercises and assignment. After you are done with your learning you can move ahead with the certificate part which is paid. This course offers more algorithm then anyone else with workflow also. Hence this can be a great place to learn machine language and give it a headstart.

    3-Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R in Data Science (Kiril Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves and the SuperDataScience Team via Udemy)-

    If you are not a big fan of mathematics and finding it hard to understand just because your background in mathematics was quite weak then this course is made for you. As the course name suggests with the help of this course you will almost cover all the topics with machine learning and guess what you will be given free templates of python and R language which you can use in your one of the project.

    Enough of online course now let’s talk about some good libraries which can help you to learn machine language easily.


    if you want to directly apply library files in your projects related to data mining then you can easily do so with the help of Weka. Weka helps you to solve problems in data mining with the help of machine learning algorithm. This is an open source software under general public license.

    2-R projects for statistical computing-

    This library is for pro students who already know R language. You will find machine learning category in cran which will help you to gain knowledge through it.

    3-Scikit Learn-

    As said earlier previous library prerequisite was R language this library requires you to have basic knowledge in python or ruby any one of them. This library also comes with overwhelming documentation which helps you to properly convey the resources.

    Ask Experts to Learn Machine

    Join Machine Learning communities and ask experts-

    Join machine learning communities to have a better grasp of the machine learning. While you are learning this new language you also need to know the experts in the same. Asking experts can help you to better understand the concept rather than searching for it.
    Follow the experts on social media platform so that you can easily ask them whatever you want. Don’t be shy in asking as asking your doubts from the experts helps you to better understand the concept. Connect with them on Reddit.
    I hope the above learning platform helps you to learn machine language in no time. Don’t forget to follow us on the social media platform.


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