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    Best Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2020

    Are you looking for some of the freelancing work? if yes, then you are at right place! Here is the list of Best Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2020.

    One of the issues faced by employers is that they never know the capabilities of the freelancer they are hiring online. This is a big stumbling block for those who are looking for a freelance career in India. Youth4work solves this issue by conducting tests and posting the results on the freelancer’s profile so that the employers know the skill level before hiring!


    One of the best freelance websites to work in India is WorknHire, which looks to bridge the gap between clients and freelancers. It is free to sign up, and you can find jobs in the categories of IT and graphic design, programming, sales & marketing, finance, content writing, and data entry.


    One of the first freelance websites to provide freelance jobs in India, Freelance India, was started in the year 2002 and offered both the paid as well as free memberships. Moreover, it is not the easiest of sites to navigate, it also offers with the freelance work in many categories, and you can even create a Google listing with a personalized web page.

    freelance india

    One of the most difficult issues faced by freelancers is that they never get into a contract with their employers and, hence, a lot of issues arise, which includes the delayed payments and disagreement on the work terms and conditions. On contact solves this issue by getting both the clients and freelancers to sign an e-contract. Moreover, the site provides the option to choose the projects which need people on short notice. On contact is one of the best freelancing websites in India.


    This is easily one of the best freelance websites, which is available in India. It is based on the model of the immensely popular Upwork and so that you have to bid for the projects that suit your profile. The wide number of bids which you can make with a free profile is quite low, but with a paid profile, you can bid more each month. Also, the site has a desktop tracker app that logs the amount of time you work on a project in case you are hired on a per hour basis.


    Upwork is one of the famous and best freelance websites in the world, with a user base of 2 million clients. Previously, known by the name as oDesk, Upwork offers for every kind of client and freelancer. It addresses issues of the hiring and the working parties, work out solutions for the long term and short term projects that even allows the experts level as well as entry deliberations to guide users.


    Fiverr is a platform that helps employers find talents for their projects. It won our Great User Experience Award. The service helps to facilities meetings between freelancers and employers can easily aid them in brand building or their marketing efforts, providing them with access to a wide pool of highly-qualified freelancers.


    The platform allows the entrepreneurs to discover freelancers by having them come in contact with service sellers on three different levels. This way, they can easily get to meet freelancers with the ideal skill sets and rates who will suit their needs.

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    Fiverr is just the right path or a platform that an employer on the hunt for a freelancer needs. You can find just about any product or service which you need all starting at just $5. The entire system works by hosting freelancers by having them post their services and work samples. Buyers simply have to look up the best one that would suit their needs according to their requirement. Common services include content writing, logo design, and even hiring a virtual assistant.

    PeoplePerHour is a freelance market composed of people who are experts in their own fields. The platform enables businesses to reach to professionals from all across the globe who can work flexibly at any point in time.

    With this platform, businesses of all sizes can go global in their talent search. This means that for every project they post, they can choose an expert from different countries, territories, or regions. This makes sure that they only get the best for the job they needed to be done.


    Moreover, it also offers enterprise solutions to big businesses. This offers them an avenue to quickly secure the talents they require for their projects to be able to increase their business competitiveness in their own industry.

    As the freelance market is continuing to grow and is even predicted to be used by more enterprises. PeoplePerHour is at the edge of this industry as a platform that offers local and global freelance contracts.

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