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    Best Free video editor Apps for Android Smartphone

    We all love to make videos, and also to edit it in our formatting way so that we can make the status of it for our Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook profile. So, here we have compiled some of the best free video editor apps for Android:

    VidTrim – video trimmer

    VidTrim, which is one of the best video editor app for android. It is a very simple video editing app where you do all basic video editing requirement which includes like Trimming, merging, frame grabbing, video effect, adding extra audio, and convert to MP3 etc. you can also share edited videos with your friends directly via the app itself.

    video editor Apps

    To Download Click Here.

    Magistro video editor and maker

    Magistro video editor and maker is another best free video editing Apps for the operating system android which can automatically converts your video clips and pictures into any of the beautiful edited movie with the choice of your sound effect, graphics and effects.

    Free video editor Apps

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    KlipMix is another best free video editing app for android because this is the app which is having a user friendly interface made by KlipMix video editing app, the best part is that you can mix video and photo, add you favorite music as sound effect.

    Android video editor Apps

    To Download Click Here.

    AndroVid video editor

    AndroVid video editor is also best android video editor app. Its free version available with various impressive video editing features which includes the trim video, App sound effect, merge multiple videos into single file, grab video frames, add text to videos, convert video to mp3 file, make slid show, delete a part of video, share created video over social sites etc. with latest version its support .GIF file.

    To Download Click Here.


    FxGuru is another very simple and awesome video editing app which will let you to create video with some unique video effects like car, bombs, aliens, rain etc. if you want to put some special effect like movies this is the best app for do this.

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