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    Best Free Online File Sharing Sites To Share Large Files

    We sometimes, not able to send the large file to someone due to sharing issues. So, here we have come up with the best free online file sharing tools with which you can share the large files.

    Google drive

    Google drive, which is one of most used and popular online free file sharing place for sharing large files and media. It makes sharing your file simple, its also allows multiple people to edit the same file, allowing for real-time collaboration with much more advanced features. If you have a Google account you can also access Google drive. you just have to go to and enable this online file sharing service.

    Google Drive


    Dropbox is an online Cloud Storage and file sharing plaform which is first in the industry of file sharing platform which offer seamless upload and storage with the help of a client software. It is well implemented, as it is totally based on the concept of file sharing tools. It will work on all the platform which includes the Linux, Windows and Blackberry. Some of the advanced features of a dropbox are – excellent array of apps for wide range of OS, effortless file synchronization, very easy to install and use.

    Free Online File Sharing Sites


    MediaFire is also one of the best useful online free file sharing sites which comes in our list. If you have lots of files and you want to share [size under 200MB each] with anyone the you can simply upload and share easily with MediaFire. It supports almost all types of file.

    Share Large Files


    Box, is another file sharing platform which has both the Desktop app and web application for sharing files. With the help of this users can manage large amount of documents in a short amount of time by just drag and drop.

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