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    5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android

    A lot of us nowadays rely on our gadgets to keep track of what events and activities are happening in our lives. Thus, a calendar app becomes pretty important. There are a bunch of calendar apps available on the Google Play Store. So, here we have compiled the list of best 4 calendar apps for Android:

    Outlook Calendar

    Outlook calendar which is just like a Google’ app. This is a calendar provider so you are like starting a day fresh from here and it will natively connect with it but very similar to Google calendar like meetings, reminder etc. It is a powerful application, which is available at free of cost, but the thing with Outlook calendar is it’s connected to your mail.


    CAL is a time management application which is a calendar only that is available on both the operating system of Android and iOS as well. Cal provides you with a pretty simple experience with User Friendly UI.

    Sunrise Calendar

    This app has been popular with iOS users for some time, and is now also available for Android. The Sunrise app design is very apple-like, as it has quite clean and beautiful UI. It supports both the Google calendar and the Apple web calendar, and if you have doubts about switching over, it also has a web version with all the features available just like on the application.


    UpTo takes a different approach by presenting itself as a calendar app with different sort of layers, where you can configure the front or back layers. This makes it less cluttered, as it prioritizes showing your front calendar first while you have to pinch or tap the back calendar to display its contents. By default, your device calendar will automatically be synced with UpTo and this app supports any calendar that can be synced to your android device.


    SolCalendar is not only good feature wise, but it’s also a fun, cute and playful looking calendar application which is available for Android. In this application, you can even use stickers for your events agenda. They can be used for decoration purposes or to help you categorize special events. This app supports most of the calendars which also includes Google Calendar or Apple iCloud. It also automatically syncs with your existing calendar on your device.



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