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    The Best Alternatives to Evernote You Need Today

    EverNote is an app developed for note-making, to write project to-do list, capturing images and many more additional features. It is available free as well as premium versions too. We can share moments with our closed ones and search the notes written inside this app very easily. It is a very useful app, we can use it on any device. As everything existing in the universe have it’s positive and a negative side too. This app also lacks some features. Basic customers using this app can upload only 60MB of data each month while there are several advantages for premium customers. It doesn’t alarm much either only a pop-up is shown. No repeats available for the alarms. It also doesn’t have calendars as such. But there are many apps available in the market similar to and much better than Evernote. So here is the list:-

    Google Keep

    Google Keep is one of the best alternative for EverNote. As Google is the best I.T. firm existing in this current time, so no doubt Google Keep is the best app one can have for notes. Google Keep allows users to make and store different kinds of notes, to-do list, images, and audios also.

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    Microsoft OneNote

    Microsoft OneNote is popularly known as Microsoft Office OneNote, is developed by leading operating system company named Microsoft. It is a good app as far as apps are considered for note keeping. OneNote works on any device or platform. It’s easy to manage our content from anywhere, even if we are offline. We can create checklist based notes here using this app.

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    SimpleNote is developed by Simperium in 2008. SimpleNote is light, clean and free to use. Its user interface is so easy that anyone can learn and understand it in just a few seconds. It is now available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and the web.

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    Workflowy is an organizational tool that makes our life easier and comfortable. It is simple and a powerful way to write notes. It is the best tool for making notes and lists. It is available on platforms such as Android, iOS, and the web. All notes are a part of the list, which makes it easier to organize and consider on specific topics.

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    Quip is a collaborative software suitable for mobile and the web. It allows people to create and edit documents while able to communicate with each other who have given the access. It has an innovative text editor on the mobile and attractive user interface that is easy to handle. It allows offline editing of documents which can be sync later when there is an internet connection. We can share files with others via URL. This app is highly compatible as compared to other apps.

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