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    Best 5 Assistant Apps for Android

    Alexa, Cortana has make people aware of the amazing application of AI and Machine Learning. A Virtual Assistant can make your life much more simpler and productive.

    So, here we have compiled the list of top 5 Assistant which can make your life more simpler and better.

    Google Assistant

    There is no doubt that Google Assistant is the best assistant for Android. The assistant is made available for almost all Android phones which is running on the Android version Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo. However, before using it make you need to make sure that “Google Play services” and “Google App” are updated on your device.

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    Indigo Virtual Assistant

    The Indigo is another best personal assistant app that will help to finish your daily tasks with fun and make it productive as well. The app works just like human and can understand natural voice commands. You will also get personal opinions from this assistant app. Some of the amazing options on the smartphone include like it can control your music, manage your calendar, set alarm and reminder, translate language, search on the YouTube, Find information from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube etc.

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    If you are looking for a functional assistant app to organize and manage your both personal and professional tasks, then the Assistant is the best for you. The app has a user friendly interface and it’s easy to configure. The most attractive feature of this app is that it can understand and memorize your commands for a longer period of time.

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    HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

    The HOUND is also one of the best Assistant to find information on the web with the help of a voice command. With the help of this app you can even also schedule, upcoming meeting/event list, Find restaurant, bar and shop information reminder and alarm.

    AIVC (Alice)

    AIVC is a personal assistant app which is available free of cost on the Android version Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, ICE OS. It uses voice recognition feature of your Android phone to function as a personal assistant.  This app can find locations. It can find celebrity age and popular places near you. AIVC can open any app or utility installed on your Android device with the help of your voice command. It can translate English text into German/French/Japanese.



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