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    Best 4K Monitor Deals for May 2021


    You need a 4K monitor. Well, maybe you don’t need it, but you definitely want it. There are a lot of benefits to having 4K resolution on a computer monitor, whether you are deep into photo editing, play computer games, or want the best way to watch movies and TV shows while sitting at your computer desk.

    Unfortunately, 4K is already a relatively expensive feature compared to 1080p or 1440p resolutions so the more extra features you add the quickly the price can rise. These monitors don’t usually run cheap, and if they do it’s because they sacrifice refresh rate, response times, or other tech. Whatever you’re looking for in a 4K monitor, we have the best deals available right here.

    Best 4K Monitor Deals

    Lg 4k Screen

    LG 27UK500-B 27-inch 4K IPS display | $50 off

    The monitor supports HDR10 for bright images on your 4K screen. It also has a sRGB 98% color gamut and it is AMD FreeSync compatible. The VESA mounting on the back means you can put this on an arm mount or the wall.

    $296.99 at Amazon

    Samsung 4k Monitor

    Samsung UR55 28-inch 4K monitor | $40 off

    Not only does this monitor have 4K resolution, it also uses an IPS panel. That means you get incredible image quality and great viewing angles that let you see what’s on display from wherever you’re sitting. The screen supports HDR for even more brilliant imagery, and it has AMD FreeSync to help reduce screen tearing.

    $309.99 at Best Buy

    Lg 27 U 4k

    LG 27UD88-W 27-inch 4K USB-C monitor | $25 off

    This monitor has 4K resolution, a 5ms response time, and a 60Hz refresh rate. It also has 350 nits of brightness and an SRGB over 99%. It is VESA compatible so you can mount it to an arm or a wall. The ports include a USB-C port with USB 3.0 Quick Charge tech.

    $424.99 at Amazon

    Benq 2700u

    BenQ PD2700U 27-inch 4K IPS monitor | $40 off

    Has 4K resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate and with HDR10 support for previewing video content in the best light possible. It has an IPS panel with wide viewing angles, 350 nits of brightness, and a 5ms response time. It also comes pre-calibrated with its own calibration report.

    $499.99 at B&H

    Benq 4k Monitor

    BenQ EW3280U 32-inch 4K IPS monitor | $100 off

    This monitor first dropped this low for Black Friday and hasn’t quite gone all the way back up to its regular price since. It’s the lowest we’ve ever seen, but we don’t know if it’ll stay this low. The screen has 4K resolution, HDR support, FreeSync, and a powerful 2.1-channel system with a subwoofer. It also has a USB-C port for charging or just connecting.

    $699.99 at Amazon

    Benq 4k

    BenQ PD2720U 27-inch 4K IPS monitor | $100 off

    The lowest price since January 2020. The screen has an IPS panel with wide viewing angles and great color accuracy. It has Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, DisplayPort, and HDMI. You can daisy chain monitors that way. You can also use Keyboard Video Mouse Switch to display info from two computers on one screen.

    $999.99 at Amazon

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