Awesome Ways To Increase uTorrent Download Speed

uTorrent Download Speed

We all want our download speed of uTorrent to be awesome so that we can download our favorite movies easily and quickly. So, here are some of the tricks to increase the download speed with uTorrent.

Disable firewall for increase utorrent download speed

Before start downloading any of the thing from utorrent use this tricks to increase the download speed of utorrent. It is one of the easiest trick, which will make sure the windows firewall exception is on, turn of the firewall entirely. To disable or turn off firewall, all you have to do it to go to control panel and find system and security then select windows firewall, then simply turn off.

uTorrent Speed

Save port

It is one of the most important trick which can be so helpful to increase utorrent download speed. For this open all you need to do is to open the utorrent option – Preferences– connection, after choosing the open for connection a new small window will appear, then choose your own port or note down the one it has chosen for you. And you also have to make sure that the check box “rendomise port each start” is not checked. This will also help to increase utorrent download speed.


Set bandwidth limit to increase utorrent download speed. For this all you need to do is to go to the uTorrent option > then preference > Bandwidth. Then simply set the settings – Keep your ‘max upload rate’ max download rate’ at unlimited (0 mince unlimited).

uTorrent Speed

Protocol Encryption

Some of internet service provider (ISP) is not capable to cannot identity torrent traffic, which decreases or limiting your bandwidth at the time of downloading from uTorrent. You have to mak sure that you set your protocol encryption: Go to Preference > click on Bit Torrent > find Protocol Encryption then select outgoing traffic Enable then apply and OK.

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