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    Avoid notification overload on Chromebooks with new Quick Settings toggle


    Chromebook Notifications Quick SettingsSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

    Part of what makes the best Chromebooks so good is that they’re always getting better. While Chromebooks didn’t get much attention at Google I/O two weeks ago, the Chrome OS team has been busy improving on the features added in Chrome OS 89 during its 10th birthday. With Chrome OS 90 now out to all devices and Linux coming out of beta, Chrome OS’s improvements this year have been small changes that can make big impacts.

    Google highlighted one of those additions today while detailing new features out this month: Nearby Share. This feature arrived on Android phones last year — and on Chromebooks earlier this spring — and Google shared testimonials from the Chromebook team about how they use Nearby Share to share photos and files across devices, how they use it for both personal files and for working on Chrome OS.

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    Nearby Sharing files to ChromebookSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

    I’ll confess some skepticism here, mostly because Nearby Share only works about half the time for me, but hey, if the Chromebook team is using it, maybe they’re figuring out ways to make it work better.

    The team then shared a few small updates, two of which could be very, very useful to those of us who work full-time from Chromebooks. The first is another expansion of notifications: we’re getting app badges — those dots on your phone icons that tell you you’ve got unread messages or active notifications for — and you’ll be able to turn off notifications and their accompanying dots with the Notifications toggle in Quick Settings.

    Having a Do Not Disturb feature on Chromebooks the same way we’ve had it on our phones for years is wonderful. Especially now that Phone Hub will vomit Chromebook and phone notifications at you, Do Not Disturb is more valuable than ever, and if you’ve never turned it on before, here’s how easy it is:

    How to disable notifications for an app or enable Do Not Disturb

    1. Tap the time in the bottom right corner.
    2. Tap the text for Notifications. (Tapping the icon will toggle on Do Not Disturb instantly.)

      Turn On Do Not Disturb In Chrome OSSource: Android Central

    3. Tap Do Not Disturb to toggle it on.

      Turn On Do Not Disturb In Chrome OSSource: Android Central

    4. Tap the desired app to disable notifications for an app or extension that’s being unruly.

      Turn On Do Not Disturb In Chrome OSSource: Android Central

    The other important change is to the Files app and its Google Drive integration. You’ve long been able to save individual files for offline editing, but now Google Drive will allow you to save entire folders worth of documents so that they’re available and editable offline. This will be done with a new toggle in the Files app when you’re browsing Google Drive folders. If you’re someone with unreliable internet or someone who does a lot of traveling, this change will be welcome news, but it’s not available just yet.

    There’s also some new wallpapers available in the Imaginary section by Leo Natsume, the art style reminds me a bit of the art we saw back at Google I/O, as terrifying as that was. If you’re growing tired of landscapes and fine art, they might be worth trying out, and if they don’t scratch your itch, consider our favorite wallpaper sources to find something new.

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