Best Automotive App for Your Android smarphone 2020

Automotive App

Smartphones are changing our lives: the way we think, the way we plan (or don’t), and certainly the way we use our cars. So, here is the list of Best Automotive App for Your Android phone.


Dashcams are becoming more popular nowadays, as people have realized their usefulness in terms of security. In the event of an accident, dashcams can offer valuable information. It is one of the best Automotive App for your smartphone.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to an actual dashcam, then you can get the Carcorder app for your iPhone. The app will turn your phone into a dashcam and even help to track your location and alert you when you are driving too fast.

AutoMate – Automotive App

AutoMate is an app that helps you to create a command center on your smartphone? With the app, you can use Google Maps, send messages on your phone, listen to different music apps, and use voice commands to perform all these different multi-functions.

You can get the app for Android smartphones, and the primary functions are available at free of cost. Moreover, if you want to use premium features, such as gesture control, then you can unlock them with a small amount of money.

TomTom – Automotive App

If you are going to skip a traditional GPS unit, you could get an app for your phone and have it with you at all times. TomTom is a great choice, and it is available for both Android and iOS phones. The app is available free of cost for the first 50 miles each month, but the small subscription fee is nothing too expensive to consider if you drive a lot.

TomTom app has the benefit of showing you speed camera warnings. It is also intuitive to use, and the interface is too clutter-free.


Now, if you are looking for a free sat-navigation solution, then you might want to download the Waze. It offers community-driven functionalities as its crowd sources information regarding things like speed traps, accidents, and even traffic jams.

You can also enjoy voice navigation and the ability to send your estimated arrival times to friends. If you are on a road trip, this app will also offer information on local sights and businesses you might want to visit.

Beat the Traffic

If you have to commute every day to work, then you might want to check out Beat the Traffic. The app will help you to find the best routes to avoid traffic jams. You get real-time traffic updates, which are crowd sourced by other users. You will also be shown the quickest journeys to your destination. It is a great app and completely free to use.


Do you want to make your trip a bit safer? If you don’t yet have a new car with a collision alert system, then you can get an app to do just that. The iOnRoad will alert you when a vehicle is in front of you and give you tips on their distance and speed.

This will make sure that you maintain a safe distance and react on time if the car ahead of you makes a sudden move. The app has a onetime cost, but it is worth it if you drive a lot, and you want a little bit of extra information to help you on your journey.


Driving is not the world’s cheapest thing to do nowadays, and gas prices continue to go up and down. If you want to be careful with your premises, then you should download GasBuddy.

The app will show you the cheapest gas stations and the prices in any nearby station. You can even use it to plan where you tank up on your journey. You can use the app to search for the prices based on local or ZIP code.

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