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    Tweaks And Cydia Substrate Are Now Working On iOS 12, Jailbreak Releasing Soon

    There are many tweaks available in the jailbreak community but only some works on iOS 12.

    Recently some of the developers have said that they are working on to release the beta version of public jailbreak soon.

    iOS 12 jailbreak is soon going to be live. All thanks to the developer of unc0ver jailbreak tool Pwn20wnd. They are hacker as well as developer. They are very close to releasing the public version.

    Recently a tweet was surfaced by Pwn20wnd regarding Cydia and Cydia substrate support for iOS 12. Before the jailbreak version is being released there are a lot of works which need to be done. Some of them are CoreTrust workarounds, fix the sandbox patches, clean up the implementation and do some private testing before moving on to releasing the iOS 12 jailbreak version.

    The pwn20wnd tweet reads “Successfully got tweaks running with Cydia Substrate on iOS 12 ;).

    Now as the tweaks will be started to run fine on iOS 12. This came as the major news in the jailbreak community. You can now run Cydia on a jailbroken device. It makes the iOS 12 suitable for the general user. All the developments are running fine and hence we can soon expect that jailbroken 12 will be available soon.

    I hope you like this article as it will give you information about when then iOS 12 jailbreak will be available for you.



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