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    Best Applock App for Android in 2018

    We all love to hide and protect our messages, media, files and other from others. So, here is the best Android app locks which will help you in the same:

    Perfect Applock

    This is another free and one of the best applock which is available as of now for android application which is also having a 4.6 rating on Google Play Store. It can lock any installed application with a PIN(Personal Identification Number) code or you can set a custom lock pattern for it. Just like smart app protector, it is also capable of blocking even all the incoming and outgoing calls according to the choice.

    Applock for Android

    To Download Click Here.

    Applock Pro

    Applock Pro, which is also one of the best app protectors which can protect your device and privacy at your fingerprint. This applock will protect your privacy by locking your Instant Messaging apps, Gallery, Mail, and any other apps. So, here are some of the more advanced features of the Applock Pro: run fast, lightweight app, having multiple app lock theme, pin password and pattern for security etc.

    applock pro

    To Download Click Here.

    Dodol Locker

    This one comes as a part of a package of other apps (the Dodol Collection). It is also a free and has many themes that allow you to easily customize your lock screen with an ease. Moreover, the app still supports both the methods of the regular pattern and PIN lock. It is a great choice if you just want to customize your lock screen. This app also allows for a PIN lock, gesture lock or pattern lock. It can also be used to lock even the phone setting options such as the Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

    To Download Click Here.


    MaxLock is the only app in the market which is available for the rooted devices only. The app is based on Exposed Framework, so you obviously need to have exposed framework installed on your device. MaxLock app does not contain any of the ads, that unlike many app lockers out there, gives performance and battery the priority.

    Applock for Android

    To Download Click Here.



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