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    Apple Shows Us 6 Videos With The Power Of iOS 11 on iPad

    It won’t be fair enough to say that Apple’s iOS 11 won’t be Apple’s Best developed iOS version to date. Apple claims that this version of iOS will bring a whole lot change on Apple’s iOS system, not only with technical features but also with its usability.

    Apple is providing update’s for the developer preview of the iOS 11 to all its users who have enrolled themselves for the developer preview. Apple is also making its iPad much more powerful at multitasking, file management and doing work-related tasks such as scanning documents, sharing files and more.

    We will get see some major changes on the iOS 11, as the iOS 11 iPad will be getting a new Dock, which is a lot like the dock found on macOS. Now, users will have many options they can store much more apps in the dock, access recent applications, drag items such as text and images into a dock icon and drop it into another app and more. The dock will even let users put apps in split screen mode.

    Additionally, the iOS 11 will also be having a drag and drop functionality, allowing users to simply drag and drop content from one app to another in split-view. They will also be able to drag multiple items at once making the drag and drop gesture all more useful.

    Here we have Got the Six Videos all together:

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