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    Apple Participating in Sales Tax Holiday for Select U.S. States


    For the next several weeks, Apple is offering customers in a select number of U.S. states the opportunity to purchase a wide range of its products without a sales tax.

    apple sales free tax hoilday
    Every year, select states offer businesses and consumers the incentive of having no sales tax as a way to help boost sales and are usually aimed at helping families lower the cost of back to school shopping. The dates for each state differ, and the selection of states this year is relatively small. Only purchases made during a state’s specific holiday are free of state sales tax.

    The policy around each state also varies. Alabama, for example, which is holding its sales-free tax holiday between July 16 and 18, requires that the total sales price of all items must remain under $750. Apple products, including Macs, iPad, and the iPod touch, are eligible, alongside accessories such as keyboard, mice, the Apple Pencil, and more.

    Missouri, which is running its holiday between August 6 and 8, has a higher limit of $1500 and the addition of more accessories, including printers, routers, RAM upgrades, the Apple TV, and more. South Carolina, sharing a holiday with Missouri, has no limit and includes tax-free purchases of earbuds, headphones, and flash drives, however only for students. Virginia consists of a limit of only $60 for cell phone chargers and batteries.

    More information on Apple’s sales tax holiday, participating states and products, can be found on Apple’s website.


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