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    Apple iPhone X Problems and Secrets that You Should Know

    The iPhone X is just around the corner but we still have some problems and secret to know about the terminal. Until it reaches its first buyers on November 3, it seems that we will know certain secrets and features that we did not know until now. Are two elements of hardware and software that will be exclusive to the iPhone X.

    The Secret of the iPhone X Frames

    We have always wanted to create an iPhone that is full screen. An iPhone capable of immersing yourself completely in what you see. And so smart that it responds to a touch, to your voice, even to your look. Now the iPhone X makes that vision a reality. Say hello to the future.

    This is how Apple presents the new iPhone X. For the company, this is a key moment in the evolution of its flagship product and so they want to reflect it. Much of that responsibility lies with the screen “capable of submerging” in what you are doing. If we look at the video presentation of the iPhone X, we will encounter a hidden secret in full view.

    The iPhone X has a flexible OLED display that curves at the bottom end. In the words of Jony Ive:

    The OLED panel has been customized to fold and seamlessly blend with the exterior surfaces.

    When everyone got their hands on to the new iPhone X it certainly felt quite good by everyone, But the iPhone X has only 5.8 inch OLED screen at the front and theres a secret behind it.

    You might have a fell that iPhone X is bezel less but not truly and even less when compared to its compatitor, If you have seen a video of the iPhone X you will notice clearly that there are some side bezel cushoning the edges of iPhone X, And this is where it fells short.
    For a comparison the iPhone X has a 82% screen to body ratio, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has 83.5% screen to body ratio, and this is the reason why apple has gone with a smaller 5.8 inch screen instead of a big one.

    Everything about the legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm

    In Internet and technology we have seen quite a few legal battles, such as Samsung and Apple, or Ola and Uber, but the palm, by its magnitude, is the legal battle between active Qualcomm, the largest mobile chip maker. known, and Apple, the maker of handsets that does not need presentation.

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    Apple has sued Qualcomm for $ 1 billion in compensation, plus another lawsuit in the United Kingdom and another in China for $ 145 million.

    Qualcomm, meanwhile, wants Apple not to sell iPhone in the United States (which would mean a 40% reduction in iPhone sales, the iPhone is the main source of funding for Apple, accounting for 60%) and also in China, another of the most important markets (although less and less), both at the manufacturing level and at the sales level.

    But how have we come to this situation? What has Apple done to meet such legal requirements? And what has Qualcomm done for the Californian to require more than 1 billion dollars?

    On September 29 Qualcomm filed a new lawsuit in China for the government to prohibit both the manufacture and sale of the iPhone for using patents without permission (remember that Apple has stopped paying). In this case there are 3 patents that are alleged to infringe, ranging from energy saving to using Force Touch.

    The last requirement of Qualcomm could never be fulfilled , because we remember that the patents in China do not work just like in the rest of the world: we have already seen as Chinese companies very blatantly copied to European and American brands (from iPhone, Samsung, to furniture exactly the same as Ikea, even copying luxury cars).

    We are at a point where the South Korean government has fined $ 854 million to Qualcomm for monopolistic practices, in addition to that the US Federal Trade Commission has opened legal proceedings against the same company, added to the actions laws that Apple has taken in the United States, UK and China.

    Someone had already registered the Animoji brand, and has sued Apple

    Surely you remember one of the best facets of the iPhone X : the ability to create and share the so-called ‘animoji’. Under this name hide versions of the emoji that are animated by exactly copying our facial expressions thanks to the cameras that also make Face ID possible.

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    As it seems that Apple is going to have to go to court to baptize these new animated emoji, because a developer named Enrique Bonansea had already registered the name ‘Animoji’ as a trademark for its application. In fact you can still see it in the App Store, has been published since 2014.

    [appbox appstore id894504729]

    Apple would have tried to buy the brand, according to the complainant

    So with that record in hand and with the help of law firm Susman Godfrey in the other, Enrique has sued Apple for infringing the rights of the Animoji brand. Apparently, from Cupertino tried to acquire the rights of that trademark but the developer refused.

    The Animoji application has downloaded about 18,000 times, and is a tool that creates animated texts that you can share by instant messaging. Seeing that the brand was not sold, on September 11, Apple filed a petition with the US Patent and Trademark Office to try to cancel it. Or at least that’s what would have happened as Enrique says in The Recorder.

    Here you can read the complete demand in PDF. Apple will have to respond, but considering that in Cupertino do not want complications, this may end in a negotiation and an agreed outcome.

    I am a college student, I am very much passionate about technology, gadgets and much more. I always wanted to open my own blog on tech and so I opened AndroCentral, my hobbies are listening to music and playing games.


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