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    Apple 2018 Launch Product Leaked ( Products List )

    Apple is also planning to release some of the major updates to most of its product lineup by the end of this fall, according to sources which have been revealed. These updates include three new iPhone, 3rd-generation iPad Pros, new Macs, and more.

     Apple will hold the first of two fall events on 12th of September according to one source, likely at the Steve Jobs theater in the company’s new campus. A second event is currently planned for October, according to the source.

    This year some of the new refreshed hardware lineups comes as Apple prepares major software overhauls for its devices in 2019, leading up to a new AR headset set for launch in the year 2020.

    We have been right about some of our earlier predictions which is also surrounding the release of AirPods 2 and Airpower as well as possibility of an iPhone XS.

    So, in this article, we are going to look at the art of the possible for the upcoming September event.


    Apple will be going to reveal three new smartphones at this upcoming event. While the new iPhone XS and XS Plus will be available for purchase from the midterm of September, some reports have indicated that iPhone 9 may be delayed until October.

    iPhone XS

    The first new iPhone model will be going to be a successor to the iPhone X, which we believe will be called by the name as iPhone XS.

    The iPhone XS will just going to be a more updated version to the iPhone. The model will include 4GB of RAM, up from 3GB in the current iPhone X, as well as an A12 chip and a new 512GB configuration (64 and 256 GB models will remain available).

    iPhone XS Plus

    Apple is also hoping to continue to drive up the iPhone ASP with an all new plus-sized variation of the iPhone X in this year’s lineup.

    The device, which was up-until recently certainly being labeled the iPhone XS Plus but may have changed in the latest weeks, will be identical to the iPhone XS discussed above.

    We believe iPhone XS Plus will start at the cost of $999 price point in the America.

    To make the device more appeal to the user in some of the emerging countries like China and India, Apple will be going to ship models with dual-SIM configurations in certain markets. This option will only be available in said markets, and will not be available on the regular sized iPhone XS.

    iPhone 9

    Apple will unveil a third new iPhone this year, which we believe which is going to be named as iPhone 9.

    The device will replace the iPhone 8 as the entry-level device, and will include an iPhone X-esque edge-to-edge design with a display capacity of 6.1-inch and Face ID. In order to keep production costs down, the device will be going to work on the LCD technology, as opposed to the higher-quality OLED found on iPhone X, as well as Aluminum bezels instead of stainless steel.

    More configuration wise, iPhone 9 will come in two storage variant models like the 64GB and 256GB models, but also come in a new variety of colors. The available options will be Gray, Blue, Red, White, and Orange, according to one source.

    A number of reports throughout the year have speculated that this model will not also going to feature 3D Touch. Apple had been planning on introducing a redesign to the iOS Springboard for the iOS version 12, but decided to delay the feature a year late last year. The new design would have dramatically reduced the need for current 3D Touch interactions.

    Pricing is far more convoluted when it comes to the iPhone 9. As according to a new report the device will start at $799 in the US.

    iPad Pro (3rd Generation)

    Apple will also be going to reveal 3rd-generation iPad Pro models this fall, according to some of the sources. While Apple has hoped for these devices to launch at the September event, supply delays may result in the device not being announced until October, according to one source. Other sources remain confident the devices will be unveiled in September.

    The new models will also be going to feature a significant new re-designs, which also removes the home-button for an iPhone X-like gesture system and Face ID 2.

    There will be a display capacity of 11-inch display, while the 12.9-inch model will remain in the lineup. Both displays will be rounded similar to the iPhone X, however will not feature a notch.

    While some of the earlier reports have confirmed that Apple does not plan on updating the iPad mini at this upcoming event, it has also been leaked that Apple may completely discontinue the device following the announcement.


    When it comes to name of Mac, Apple is preparing two major Mac releases for the end of this year that it hopes will drive sales up and restore hope from customers that the company truly cares about the lineup.

    The two devices, which is also a true-to-heart successor to the MacBook Air and Mac mini, are favorites amongst consumers as they have historically been the cheapest entry points to the Mac ecosystem.

    Apple is also planning to reveal the machines at a separate October event according to a report which has been rumored as of now however this could change as the event draws closer.

    In addition to the major Mac mini and Air updates, Apple may release minor iMac and MacBook updates this fall.

    Mac mini

    Apple will also reveal the first update to the Mac mini which is after the year 2014 later this fall, according to the news.

    The device, which currently starts at a cost of $500, which is also the cheapest Mac entry-point. It doesn’t include any type of the output device which includes the no mouse, keyboard, or monitors, and has been targeted by server managers and pro users as an easy way to gain access to multiple machines.

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