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    Some of the Android Widgets Apps to Improve Home Screen

    Android operating system will still remains at the top of the hill when it comes to the richness and advanced features. One of the great functions of Android since 2009 is ‘widgets’ and it remains an integral component of every update of Android as of now. So, here we have compiled the list of top 4 Android Widgets for Android

    Zooper Widget

    Zooper widget is an app which comes in several size, and you can add custom widget templates from the app as well. There is also an option to create your templates and add custom fonts, icon sets. There are some of the unique features like WYSIWYG editor with support for layers, very much like in Photoshop and Gimp.

    Zooper Widget

    To Download Click Here.

    Battery Widget Reborn

    Battery Widget Reborn is a highly rated app and is also one of the most downloaded battery widget app for android. This app brings a battery widget and an additional battery chart widget, which shows you a graphical diagram of your battery that how much it is consumed and left etc. Just apart from the widgets the app also brings a battery status panel on the notification bar. Some of the other features of the app includes the power saving mode, stats, power setting toggles, and more.

    To Download Click Here.

    Minimalist Clock Widget

    Minimalist android Clock Widget features which comes with more than 20 clock designs, and all of them look pretty polished. Apart from that cool watch designs, you can customize almost everything. With the help of this app, you can change the color of every particular thing on a widget, and some color options depend on the clock you are using. Along with the clock, you can choose to see what is weather, battery level and time zone on the widget.

    To Download Click Here.


    Semper is an app which is formerly known as UnlockYourBrain turns unlocking your phone into something quite valuable. It uses the 80 or so times you unlock your phone every day to keep your brain ticking with the help of a simple math’s exercises and vocabulary.

    To Download Click Here.



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