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    Android P Introduces A New Power-Saving Tool Called ‘App Standby Buckets’

    Google unveiled the first Android P beta preview at the Google I/O 2018. The expectations were high regarding a new power management tool being released with the upcoming OS. The name by which this power management tool in Android P is known as App Standby Bucket.

    This new feature for the Android P will essentially limit the app’s access to device resources. This feature will make the application limit access to the processor of the smartphone or battery based on the user’s usage patterns. In simple words, the feature will make the system strictly restrict those apps whom the user never uses. Meanwhile, the apps that user most often uses will not be restricted by the system. According to Google, the categorization process will be a dynamic one. The system will assign each app into a priority bucket and it will then reassign those apps as needed.

    Android P

    How App Standby Bucket will Work:

    According to the reports, there will be five bucket sets that include active, working set, frequent, rare, and never. The active system will allow the bucket to not impose any restrictions on the app placed in this set. For example, an app that is currently open or it is running as a foreground service can be categorized as active. The Android P apps placed in the working set bucket will be subject to mild system restrictions.

    The apps in the frequent bucket set will be subjected to stronger restrictions. This set includes all the apps that may be used regularly but not daily. The apps that are not used often are placed in the rare bucket set which means they will be subjected to strict restrictions. The last set will include all the apps that are never used. These apps will be subjected to severe restrictions.

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