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    How to run Android apps on Google Chrome In Any PC or Mac

    We all sometimes want to run Android apps on our PC. So, here is the complete tutorial to run any Android app on PC.

    Run Android apps in Google Chrome

    To run android apps on chrome all you need to install ARC which is an acronym for App Run-time for Chrome on your system from Chrome web store, after that you also need to download APK file of your required application Or an Android App that has been stored in the form of a ZIP file.

    Android Apps on system

    Install the APK file

    Before using the Android app on the Chrome first of all, you need to install Android app APK file of your favorite apps which you want to run on chrome. There are so many sites that will let you download .APK files of any android apps. Here we are some of the listing tips to download .APK file from Evozi APK download.

    First of all visit Google play store on your Mac or PC, then go to the page of the App which you would like to download according to your choice.

    Now, copy the link of App page and then Go to the APK downloaded website (Evozi.com)and paste the copied link in the search bar.

    After pasting copied link, then simply click on “Generate Download Link” and after some moment the link to download APK file will be generated. just click on it to download the APK file, and that is it.

    Android Apps

    Install ARC Welder for Chrome

    To run android apps on chrome firstly you need to use ARC Welder developer App. ARC Welder tool is based on the Android version 4.4. you can easily find the ARC Welder in chrome web store and then click the install button > then click “Add” to install the ARC Welder into your chrome apps.

    Once ARC Welder installed, click on “Apps” located at the start of the chrome’s bookmark bar Or simply type chrome://apps/ in search field and press enter.

    On chrome Apps page, you will see the icon of ARC Welder with just like the other chrome’s apps. click on ARC Welder to launch the application on the go. After launch ARC Welder then you will need to select a directory the APK which can be written to. Click on “choose” and then either select an existing location Or create a new one.

    After that click on “Add your APK” and from the popup window that opens up, navigate to the location from where you downloaded the APK file and open APK file. here you have also option to choose landscape or portrait mode and you can also select from, including table, phone or maximized. choose these options on your requirement Or live it and click on “Launch App”.

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