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    Anda Seat T-Compact Premium Gaming Chair review: cool and comfortable | AppleInsider


    The T-Compact Premium gaming chair is a race car style chair that aims to offer comfort at home or work and features a cloth covering to help keep you cool and comfortable.

    For many of us, our computer works double-duty as both our place of work and a place of relaxation. That means our computer chairs tend to see a lot of use.

    Because so many of us clock a majority of our waking hours at a desk, it makes sense to invest in a computer chair the same way you’d invest in a mattress — after all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time there.


    The T-Compact chair comes unassembled and weighs nearly 70 pounds, so you may want to get a second person to help you assemble it. We were able to do it solo, though, and the setup only took about a half-hour.

    The instructions — should you need them — are easy to follow. The chair goes together smoothly and only requires an Allen wrench, which is included in the kit.

    If you’re familiar with setting up other office flatpack furniture, this won’t feel any different. It is heavy, though, so do keep that in mind.

    We were unable to install the screw covers, though we don't mind the look of the exposed screws

    Our only issue with assembly was placing a decorative screw-cover onto the sides. As Anda Seat did not create holes in the fabric where the screw cover would go, we couldn’t attach it. However, we don’t particularly mind the look without it, either.


    Most gaming chairs we’ve used have been covered in some sort of plastic material, a faux leather of sorts. While this certainly has its advantages when it comes to keeping it clean, pleather can be uncomfortable to sit on in certain clothes.

    It also doesn’t breathe, meaning that sitting on a pleather chair can get a little suffocating at times.

    The T-Compact is different in that regard, as instead of using faux leather, it uses an EverSoft Linen, which seems to be some sort of upholstery-quality canvas. It’s comfortable, breathable, and doesn’t stick to you in the hot summer months.

    Additionally, it isn’t freezing when you sit on it first thing in the morning, either. It comes in a few different colors you can choose from, including black, black and gray, or blue and black. Anda Seat recommends vacuuming the fabric once a month to keep it looking its best.

    The chair itself is made from heavy-duty materials and is rated to support up to 350 pounds. The legs and frame are made out of steel, and surprisingly, the chair lacks an abundance of plastic parts, which we’re used to seeing.

    The high-density foam is firm yet highly supportive. The back can be adjusted to up to a 160-degree recline, making it suitable for relaxing with a movie or taking a quick cat nap.

    Perhaps our favorite thing about the chair is the casters themselves. They glide effortlessly across hardwood and laminate flooring and even work quite well on low-pile carpets.

    The T-Compact gaming chair also comes with a head and lumbar pillow, which we appreciate. If you’re on the shorter side, the odds are that the head pillow will likely be a bit high up to use comfortably.

    However, the adjustable lumbar pillow is a fantastic addition if you’re someone who often finds that they have an uncomfortable gap between their back and the back of the chair.

    Like the Dark Demon gaming chair, the T-Compact chair is a “gamer-style” chair, though it’s unassuming enough to blend into most offices. It still has a classic “race car seat” design that most gaming chairs have adopted, but it doesn’t feel as though it is too infantile, either.

    Function and comfort

    The T-Compact is a highly adjustable chair. You can adjust it up and down using the height adjustment lever, with about four inches between the lowest height — about 17 inches — and the tallest — 21 inches.

    The armrests can be adjusted in multiple directions — you can change their height, angle, and even their left and right position. You can use the handle on the right side to adjust the recline angle.

    There’s a knob at the bottom that allows you to adjust the rocking tension if you’re someone who enjoys a bit of give and movement. Essentially, the chair is designed for you to custom tailor it to your fit.

    The head and lumbar pillows are covered in a soft, faux-suede material

    The head and lumbar pillows are covered in a soft, faux-suede material

    We found the chair pretty comfortable, mainly because of the high-density foam. The chair may be a little much for those on the shorter side. However, if you’ve got a raised footrest at your desk and can comfortably sit back in the seat, it becomes much more comfortable.


    We like the T-Compact chair quite a bit, especially the move to a cloth-based covering rather than that of pleather. If you’re in the market for a good, heavy-duty chair that is rated to stand up against years of abuse, the Anda Seat T-Compact Premium Gaming Chair is a solid choice.

    • Heavy duty materials feel sturdy
    • Extremely adjustable
    • Casters are high quality and glide easily
    • Cloth surface is extremely comfortable, no sticking or sweating
    • Covered in brand logos
    • May not be the best for shorter users

    Rating: 4 out of 5

    Where to buy

    If the T-Compact Premium Gaming Chair sounds like the perfect chair for you, you can pick one up over on the Anda Seat website where they retail for $399, with free shipping.


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