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    An Exclusive 2018 Vivo Smartphone Buying Guide Just for You

    Vivo has constantly gained prominence in the Indian market for its innovative technologies and great-looking smartphones with striking imaging qualities. This Chinese giant launches new handsets in this country every year. The brand has so much confidence in the domestic market that Vivo Mobile India is now a separate division within the mother network.

    2018 promises to be a great year too. This is because Vivo has already focused on two core sections: the budget and the premium segments. This buying guide will show you which areas you have to focus on. Remember that hardware and software are not the only areas which require your attention. A phone should be usable, durable, and support updates for many years.

    Vivo smartphone buying guide

    Check the following factors before the Vivo phone offer price. Remember that no two phones are alike. So, list out all the features you want, and then consider the price range you can afford. This will help to easily sort out your preferred device.


    Why it matters: The better the processor, the faster and more lag-free is the device. Nowadays, most Vivo phones have Snapdragon processors.

    How to choose: It is important that you choose the flagship processors. Many manufacturers like OnePlus are able to offer the Snapdragon 845 chipset at lower prices. The OnePlus business model will greatly benefit Vivo too, if they are duplicated. People will not have to spend too much on even flagship devices.


    Why it matters: Cameras are essential parts of all modern smartphones. Imaging is more than just cameras; it also deals with how photos are taken. With modern AI technology coming in, taking photos is getting simpler while the underlying technology is getting complicated.

    vivo phone

    How to choose: More than price offers on Vivo mobiles, people buy them for their cameras. Nowadays, most flagship devices have 4 cameras on-board with two cameras on the rear, located either horizontally or vertically. Make sure you decide which configuration you need. 2 or more cameras on the front let you take high-quality and bright selfies. Having 2 or more rear cameras let you take professional-grade photos.


    Why it matters: You will see that phone specifications refer to 1.5 to 2 GHz processors. That is the clock speed. Higher is the clock speed, faster is the device.

    How to choose: Choose whichever phone offers the highest speed. 2018 has seen the introduction of 2.9 GHz-capable processors. These are found in very costly but very fast phones. Draw a balance between your budget and how much speed you require. In case you choose a costly phone, check out Vivo phones on EMIs.

    Display size and aspect ratio

    Why it matters: Check how large the display is to ensure that you purchase the best Vivo phone. Phones that have bezel-less display are as big as the display sizes are, and you, therefore, have a fair idea of the device’s size. Buy phones which have the optimal display size.

    How to choose: There are 3 size varieties based on the phone’s price. If you want something budget-friendly, choose display sizes between 5 and 5.5 inches. Somewhat costlier phones have display sizes between 5.5 and 6 inches. Lastly, the flagship phones have display sizes of over 6 inches. Choose carefully based on your budget. If you are looking for the best offers on Vivo mobiles and reduce the financial burden, choose to pay on EMIs.

    Buying phones on EMIs

    Look for your preferred product on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network and enjoy the following benefits.

    • Shop from over 60,000 partner stores across 1,300+ cities in India.
    • Products that you buy on the EMI Network require no down payments.
    • Avail funds up to Rs. 4 Lakh and enjoy convenient tenors of 3 to 24 months to repay.
    • Pay minimum processing fees.

    However, you need to have an EMI Network Card to make a purchase. It functions as a pre-approved loan which allows you to shop for any product and convert the purchases into easy EMIs. Apply for the same either online or offline with nominal documentation.

    Now that Android Oreo is in town, it is important that you buy a phone which has the latest OS. Try and maintain a balance between how much you can spend and what you need. Most offers on Vivo mobiles incorporate these aspects. At the same time, buying the latest technology in smartphone s is also important.

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