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    Amazon Key brings grocery deliveries to more garages across the US


    Amazon Key was launched in 2017 as a way to make deliveries more convenient and keep packages safe from potential thieves. The service was eventually expanded to garage deliveries, and now Amazon is announcing that it’s expanding In-Garage Grocery Delivery across the U.S.

    Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery service is now available wherever Amazon groceries can be delivered, which is more than 5,000 cities across the United States. While we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this should add a safe, contact-free delivery experience while keeping your food items safe from outside elements, as highlighted by Pete Gerstberger, Head of Key by Amazon:

    Customers who tried Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery have loved the service, which is why we’re expanding it to everywhere Amazon offers grocery delivery. As customers look for more convenience in their daily lives, we’re excited to deliver another service that not only helps them save time, but provides peace of mind knowing that tonight’s dinner is safe in their garage and out of the weather.

    Amazon Prime members can access the service for no extra cost, allowing convenient grocery deliveries from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. The company ensures background checks on its delivery workers and notes that there are optional security cameras available for customers who want extra peace of mind, including many of the best security cameras that work with Amazon Alexa. We can help also break down how much Ring camera storage plans cost so you can decide if you want to take advantage of Ring Protect plans, which allow video history playback should anything go awry.

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    You can check your eligibility on Amazon’s website by entering your zip code. Anyone who signs up is eligible for a $20 credit after their first in-garage grocery delivery. The service is available to members who have compatible garage door openers and the myQ Smart Garage Hub.

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