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    Amazing New WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks You Must Know in 2018

    WhatsApp New Special Font

    Well this is a thing that amaze you, out of 100% of persons using WhatsApp, only a few know about this cool WhatsApp trick. This new trick lets you to change the font on whatsapp. You actually do not need to download any extra application to achieve this, all you will need is an updated WhatsApp and your fingers. ?

    To change the text font on Whatsapp, follow the simple steps below;

    • Open Whatsapp on your SmartPhone.
    • Open a chat, type a message and insert this symbol   `   at the beginning and end of your text. And then you will see there is a difference in the font.

    Know When Someone Has Read Your Message

    Have you ever feel and eager to know that whether someone has read your messages or not? With the help of this feature then you can easily get to know who has read your messages.

    To do this;

    • Go to the chat, open it.
    • Long press on the message you sent.
    • Tap on ( i ) which is located at the top of your screen.

    Insert Text And Emoji To Picture Before Sending

    This feature in whatsapp is quite new and unique it lets you write text, insert emojis, and draw on images before sending them to the recipents.

    To edit pictures before sending, you need to;

    • Open WhatsApp application
    • Open a chat.
    • Tap on the camera icon which is located at the bottom,
    • Select an image.
    • Tap on the smiley icon to insert a smiley, tap on the pencil to draw on the image and then simply tap the T to insert a text.
    • New Whatsapp Tricks
      New Whatsapp Tricks

    Create Shortcut For Whatsapp Chats

    With the help of this feature, you’ll never have to stress to chat with your favorite contacts on WhatsApp. Why to make a deep stress when you can simply create a shortcut list.

    Location Sharing

    Automatically Share Your Location With Your Friend over Whatsapp. You can easily send your location to a friend on WhatsApp without having any stress of google map.

    Incognito For WhatsApp

    If you have ever used Chrome or Ucbrowser, then you would know what incognito means. Incognito is simply a mode that makes you invisible.

    For this, first of all you have to hide the about know, Profile photo and status, you can do this by the following step;

    • Open WhatsApp app, and Go to Settings.
    • Tap on Account, then tap on privacy options.
    • Tap on Last seen and select nobody.

    After doing that, you’ll then have to turn off Read receipts as well, you can do this by.

    • Go to settings.
    • Tap on privacy.
    • Tap on Read receipts to uncheck the box which is beside it.

    Send Large Files On WhatsApp

    Until today, it was impossible to send large files on WhatsApp. Sending files with specific formats was also not possible, formats like zipping, exe, apk, rar, and so many others. But for that, you need to download Google drive or Dropbox for proper functionality.

    Send GIF’s Via WhatsApp

    This is the latest WhatsApp update has made it possible for users to send GIF files with ease.

    Stop Auto Download: Save Mobile Data

    Sometimes, there was a time when all my data of mobile gets exhausted due to photos and videos. But now there is an option in Whatsapp with the help of which you can stop it whenever you want which helps to save data.

    Well, these are the few Whatsapp Tricks that you must know in 2018, for more stuffs like this do follow our Website and also our facebook page.



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