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    Brush Your Teeth in 10 seconds With Amabrush: A Smart Toothbrush

    Hello folks, have you ever wondered what can be a smart toothbrush? As I have mentioned in the title, Amabrush is a world’s first smart toothbrush i.e. it is new toothbrush which brushes your teeth automatically in just 10 seconds!

    Many of us get bored or even hate brushing teeth so much that sometimes we avoid brushing teeth which lead to so many dental problems and we have to run to clinics. To avoid such problems, Amabrush has been invented by its inventor to make brushing of your teeth easy, quicker and of course a smart.

    Amabrush is put in the mouth and you have to press a single button to start the cleaning process. This device along with its charger costs around $90 and will be available in December.

    Features of Amabrush:

    • Least brushing time which is just 10 SECONDS!
    • Antibacterial and flexible.
    • Tooth paste capsules cost around $3.40 and last for about one month.
    • Built in the mechanism which delivers the appropriate amount of toothpaste to your teeth.
    • Integrated battery which lasts for 28 sessions.
    • Low energy wireless charging module (Qi).
    • Bass method (Recommended tooth brushing technique by dentists).
    • Easy to use.
    • Less expensive.
    • Sharing.

    Let’s see what is the technology used in Amabrush and how is it made up of.

    So, the Amabrush is made up of three parts:

    • The Mouthpiece:

    • The flexible mouthpiece is made up of antibacterial silicone which kills 99.99% of all bacteria and has 3D arranged bristles on both sides to clean your teeth. The mouthpiece has built-in micro-channels which carry the toothpaste to your teeth. The bristles are soft and prevent any gum damage. The mouthpiece is washable as you do with your regular toothbrushes.
    • The Handpiece:

    • The handpiece consists of all the difficult technology. A clever algorithm creates strong and different vibrations to oscillate and move the bristles. The coordinated movement of bristles can be designed to have different resonant frequencies and thereby bristles clean your teeth. As I have mentioned that Amabrush can brush your teeth in only 10 seconds because all your teeth are cleaned simultaneously i.e. every tooth gets brushed 8 to 12 times longer compared to the normal tooth brushes.
      1. The Toothpaste capsule:

    These toothpaste capsules are simply put into handpiece which automatically provides the perfect amount of paste to your teeth. This capsule lasts for a month and is available in 3 different FDA approved varieties: Extra fresh (blue), Whitening (white), Sensitive (rose). The toothpaste is produced by a famous toothpaste manufacturing company with a history of over 100 years.

    So, this is the Amabrush which is world’s first automatic tooth brush. Amabrush covers all of the dental recommended methods such as bristles are aligned in a 450 angle against the gum line and are soft and the pressure against your teeth is light. Also, the best part is if you want to share your Amabrush with other members of your family then you can share! Yes, you can share. Everyone needs their own mouthpiece but you don’t have to buy a separate handpiece for every person. So, Amabrush is the best thing happened to those who just brush their teeth because they have to, and not because they want to!

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