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    After July Update, BGMI players reported several issues; Krafton working on fixes

    Many BGMI gamers claimed having had various problems with Krafton's July update, checkout to know more

    Following the release for Android of Battlegrounds Mobile India earlier this month, Krafton just released the game’s first significant upgrade. While the July Update brought a number of new features, including new weapons and a new Mission Ignition mode, players had severe problems during BGMI. These include problems with buying in-game cash, problems with cosmetic products, and more.

    BGMI Issues faced by players after July

    Then, when the newest BGMI (v1.5.0) users had upgraded their game, they began encountering difficulties with the game. Not long afterward, Krafton recognized the problems and claimed she works to address them sooner rather than later.

    Among the problems, players were trapped on the loading screen when they fitted clothing in the game for Unicorn. Krafton addressed the problem before but could not yet solve it. The firm thus suggests that players not utilize the set outfit of Unicorn until the problem has been resolved.

    A difficulty with US Cash Restitution after buying in-game money in the BGMI is another big concern experienced by gamers. This is a major problem that prevents players from redeeming their purchased UC by generating an extraordinary error message “UC not intermittently claimed after a purchase.” Krafton states that gamers should immediately contact out through Settings -> Basic -> Customer Service and raise an appropriate ticket if they experience the problem during their purchase.

    Over and beyond this, certain players encountered problems pertaining to the award of Login Day 2 for the “Bring on the Heat” event, which featured a Mission Card (S19), compared to the conclusion of Season 19. Krafton has solved the problem and compensated with the Mission Card for the players impacted (M1).

    Krafton also reported several additional difficulties, including “not being able to collect rewards from the Daily Special Bundle” and “going to an incorrect page while utilizing the Advanced Supply Crate Medal.”

    So, if with the new update, you face a problem in battlefield Mobile India, you know you’re not the only one. So try avoiding the functions or objects that could activate them in the game until Energieon resolves the known problems.

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