How To Add Mechanical Sounds To Your Mac Keyboard 2019


Add Mechanical Sounds To Your Mac Keyboard 2019: Nowadays the keyboard which is coming is very classy and they are losing the old sound of the keyboard. Old keyboard was very much fascinated by the user as it used to have a mechanical sound. People buy some expensive keyboard just to get a touch of it.

But now let me tell you that you can actually use a mechanical sound on your MacBook keyboard with the help of a simulator.

In this blog, we will be talking about how you can install the stimulator and give the access permission so that you can get the mechanical sound while using the MAC keyboard.

Add Mechanical Sounds To Your Mac Keyboard 2019:
Add Mechanical Sounds To Your Mac Keyboard 2019:

Follow this link- The Mechanical Keyboard Simulator is open source and available for download here. (Source)

From this link, you can download the simulator and after that, you can give access permission.

After the installation is done simply launch the DMG file and drag the KMS app to the Applications folder. Then open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility and click on the padlock button to make changes. Finally, drag the MKS app to the list.

Now that’s all nothing else you need to do. Simply open the stimulator application and launch it. When the app is running you will see a keyboard icon in the System Bar. From the icon you can also change different settings such as the key feedback volume, choose between Stereo and Mono sounds and more.