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    How To Add Virtual Home button On New iPhone X

    A Home button on time can save lives!

    The iPhone X has come to revolutionize the world, but in the process, it changed many of the features that we associated with the iPhone. From its square screen to its aluminum body, Apple completely renewed what we knew about this device.

    So much so that the Cupertino ended up eliminating the feature most associated with the iPhone: its Home button. Now, instead of pressing a button several times to carry out a function, we can navigate through the device using different gestures.

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    However, if these gestures are not your thing, here is a way to add a Home button to the screen of your iPhone X. Keep reading!

    Add a virtual Home button to your iPhone X

    This is a feature that we can find on any iPhone that we use, however, Apple also decided to add it to your iPhone X. If you want to start managing your new device by means of a virtual button, follow these instructions.

    1. We go to Configurations.
    2. Once here, we will tap into General.
    3. We look for the Accessibility option, and we open it.
    4. Turn on the switch of the AssistiveTouch feature.

    Once you have made the last step, a small ball will appear on the screen of your iPhone X that you can move to any place of your preference. In addition, you can also customize the functions you want it to do.

    The best thing is that this button not only serves as an auxiliary Home, but we can also configure it to lower or increase the volume, lock our device, put it in silent mode or even to open the Control Center.

    The functions of iOS are endless if you know how to use them well. With this latest iPhone X, we have seen many detractors, but also a huge number of people who love what Apple has done with the brand. It was time for a true renewal in our iPhone.

    Does it bother you to use gestures to move on your iPhone X? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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