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    8 Best Malware Removal Tools For Windows

    You might think hacking would never happen to your system, but there is always a 40% chance that it may. Your social media account might be hacked. There might occur a disaster when your information is leaked. It is always an anti-malware tool that would keep your details and accounts safe. It is because of several complicated reasons:

    1. Cyber Criminal always utilize malicious links hoping you to click on them so they can hack your account. That one click can release all sorts of malware to your PC.
    2. You may not know that your PC has been infected. You are not a machine or software yourself to detect those malicious files installed by others. A definite point for the hackers. By the time you notice, the hackers may peacefully do their hacking till you see the severe problem.
    3. If a malicious file infects your device, you cannot trust your PC to affect the other systems. USB, drives, etc., are ways how they can spread to millions of other systems through your system like a disease. The social media links are also a way through which you can unwillingly share the malware to other systems giving advantages to the hackers.

    That is just one of the reason why your PC needs a malware protection care. You need the best malware removal tools for your PC prevents a cyber criminal trying to haunt you. Imagine yourself doing an important work or completing a task, but you realize that your PC has started running slow. You would be in terrible problem failing to achieve your thing. This malware is never advantageous. Therefore, we have listed below best malware removal tools.

    These malware removal tools can help you out if your PC is infected. After all, your PC needs proper care for its functioning.

    Here, to help you accomplish the usually-tough task, we’ve tried to bring you a list of 8 best malware removal tools for PC. In this post, we will cover both free and paid tools.

    1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Malwarebytes is one of the most popular anti-malware software programs that offer amazing protection against malware. The main reason why it deserves first mention is due to its free version that offers all the required malware removal power without forcing you to upgrade. So you can basically get the best protection without spending a penny.

    With the free version, you will get full malware scan that will remove even the latest types of malware, but you will have to manually scan the PC every time. With premium version, you get real-time protection, automatic updates, scheduled scan and other utility based features.

    Malwarebytes is known to clean latest malware threats that even most advanced paid antivirus programs can’t detect. Though it is recommended that you use Malwarebytes alongside another antivirus for real-time protection and protection from old types of malware.

    2. BitDefender Internet Security

    BitDefender Internet Security is not actually a malware-removal-oriented tool, but it can serve the role as well! Being a member of a reputed software manufacturer firm, you can expect both features and quality from the software on a condition that you are ready to pay. However, you will get more than what you expect, including protected browsing and a two-way firewall.

    Additional features of BitDefender Internet Security include remote management of the solution, USB Immunizer to get rid of viruses, autopilot, OneClick Optimizer etc.

    • Availability: Windows, Mac, Android
    • Price: $79.95 per year for three PCs

    Buy Now

    3. Adaware Antivirus Free

    Adaware can replace your main antivirus or work an anti-malware supplement

     Adaware Antivirus Free is another great option if you’re building an anti-malware toolkit from the ground up. It includes a virtual environment where suspicious programs can be analyzed to see if they behave like malware (a technique known as heuristic analysis). This means you’re always protected from new malware – even if you’re the very first person to be affected and the malicious program isn’t yet in Adaware’s database of known threats. The malware can then be safely contained and removed.

    All this happens quietly in the background, and can be suspended temporarily if you want your processor’s full power for a gaming session.

    Adaware Antivirus Free can also scan downloads before you install them, helping prevent malware infestations in the first place by filtering their most common point of entry.

    Best of all, if you’re just looking for a way to boost your existing antivirus software, Adaware’s installer lets you choose a version without real-time scanning that won’t conflict with other antivirus tools.

    Download here: Adaware Antivirus Free

    4. AVG AntiVirus

    AVG AntiVirus is an Antivirus program comparable to Avast Antivirus. It offers a similar level of protection but with different features and prices. Its free version is more than enough for protection against malware and removal of already infected malware. Along with malware removal and protection, you will also get the link and email protection for free.

    With the paid versions, you will get full online protection. All your downloads will be scanned to defend against potential malware and your online transaction are secured using a firewall. You can also encrypt and password protect files to ensure no one should access them online or offline.

    Price: Free/ AntiVirus for $39.99 and Full internet protection for $ 54.99

    5. Panda Free Antivirus

    Panda Free Antivirus is one of the lightest antivirus software you will ever find, given its simple user interface and a huge number of impressive features. Along with the ability to scan for malware and other dangerous files, you would be able to grab features such as process monitor, URL filtering, etc.

    Being a light malware removal tool, you shall install Panda Free Antivirus in almost every Windows PC. Thus, if you prefer simplicity along with performance, this is a great solution indeed.

    • Availability: Windows
    • Price: Free

    Download Here

    5. F-Secure Anti-Virus

    F-Secure Anti-Virus is another strong Antivirus program that offers optimum protection with awards from AV comparatives. It is a paid antivirus program with a free 30 day trial to test out the program. It might not be as good as Bitdefender when it comes to straight lab tests, but it does a fair job, better than many other Anti virus programs. It is also quite light on resources and offers zero-hour threats protection that many good antivirus programs and malware removal tools lack.

    It has a simple interface that offers all the information right in the main interface. You will get live statistics of your PC along with the ability to manually scan your system to remove any kind of malware infecting it. Every two hours, the program is updated to ensure you are protected from latest malicious threats.

    Price: $29.99/year for 1 PC

    6. SUPERAntiSpyware

    SUPERAntiSpyware is yet another impressive tool to check out when you want to find and remove malware from PC, given that the attacking malware is not that small either. So, if you are looking for a far more powerful anti-malware, antivirus and scanning tool, SUPERAntiSpyware can do that job very well.


    In addition to these, you can have a lot of other features such as real time blocking, email notifications, lower use of system resources, scheduled scanning etc when you purchase the pro version.

    • Availability: Windows
    • Price: Free (Pro version is also available)

    Download Here

    7. Spybot Search & Destroy

    Now here is the deal with Spybot. Spybot Search & Destroy came into the market a couple of years ago, and upon its release, it had to face a lot of criticism from everyone due to its “unorthodox techniques, ” but Spybot overcame all of them and now stands as one of the top best malware removal tools. Along with anti-malware and spyware protection, Spybot Search & Destroy allows its user to get rid of resource consuming fully-fledged antivirus.

    Spybot Search & Destroy is a freeware which can run on almost every Windows platform with its Home and Professional versions.

    Though Spybot Search & Destroy is free for private use, the pay version is available for corporate users which need installation of the tool on more than one PC.

    Spybot Search & Destroy has reputed anti-malware software which consumes much less time.

    8. Norton Security Premium

    Norton offers astounding protection with a perfect score in AV test done in 2014. They do have a reputation of slowing down PC, but the tradeoff is worth it if you are concerned about privacy. They offer both PC and online security in one package with no need of additional software or subscriptions. They guarantee that they will make sure your PC is free from all types of malware, and if they are unable to get rid of any malware, they will refund the money. Furthermore, technical support for manual malware removal service is also free, unlike other programs.

    With their Premium package, they offer malware removal/protection, identity and payment protection, online protection for kids, file backup, up-to-minute updated protection, SONAR technology, browsing protection, Bootable recovery tool, single control panel for all devices and 100% virus-free guarantee.

    Price: $69.99/year for 1 device

    Malware Removal Tools For Windows

    We do not guarantee in any way that the above-listed software’s will keep your device fine. However, it will eliminate most of the problems and as per us, they are one of the best malware removal tools. You may also try the other software’s available in the market besides these. Keeping all of the factors in mind, do refer to the list of the top best anti-malware tools for your safety.

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