7 Ways Indians Are Taking Break From Work During The Pandemic

Working at a stretch can prove to be quite strenuous for anyone. Not only does it reduce productivity, but it also diminishes the quality of work. Taking breaks at regular intervals can be helpful in situations like these. 

Nevertheless, using those breaks to scroll through your social media or contemplate the work left does not help. You need to cater to improving focus and relieving stress at this time. 

Usually, in offices, taking breaks is not something you need to think about separately, essentially because you have colleagues and co-workers talking to you. On top of that, you might need to get up to discuss work with your boss. 

How Has The Work Culture Been Affected Due To The Pandemic?

In simple words, offices don’t require you to work constantly. All of the distractions are related to work and keep you focused. With the recent pandemic, people have been avoiding going out to public places and have started working from home.

This has removed most of the commotion of an office environment and given rise to baseless distractions. For instance, watching a movie during the break or talking to friends. Working from home has more chances of diverting you from work to focus on other things, further delaying your deadlines and work value. 

Ways To Utilise Your Break Efficiently

If you face similar problems and are thinking of giving up on breaks altogether, it won’t help. It will only increase the problems. While taking breaks is important, it is also vital to know how to utilise that time. Mentioned in this article are a few ways you can use such breaks to enhance your workflow and efficiency. 

1. Rejuvenating Your Energy

This is one of the best ways to improve work proficiency and competence. Several types of research have shown that 1 hour of mental work is equal to 10 hours of physical work. This means your brain works twice as hard to solve a complex task than during physical activities, further making this point imperial. 

While there are many ways you can rejuvenate the energy lost, there are some more effective ways. For starters, if you are working on a computer, you need to stretch the hunch every 15 minutes. 

This will eliminate the possibility of back pain later and help increase blood flow and make you feel energised. If you have more time in your hands, taking a walk in your room or down the block can also help do the same. Surveys have shown that drinking a glass of coffee or any other caffeinated drink can also help make you feel more energised.

2. Playing A Short Game

Although it might not sound like it, entertaining your brain with something that is not related to work at all can help you be more efficient. While listening to music tops the list, playing mind-stimulating games can also benefit. 

For instance, games like chess or ludo are known to almost everyone right from their childhood. In such games, you do not need to learn new tricks. Playing a short ludo game online in turn only motivates your brain to function in a sophisticated and more efficient manner. This further means that your brain is ready to get back to work and that thought will not be side-lined by the game. 

A ludo championship will not only help you get back to work faster because of its short rounds but can also help you connect with your friends and forget work for a bit. 

3. Organise Your Work

It is not uncommon for someone to start work late in the morning, especially if they work from home. It often gets hard to properly organise your work in such cases, in turn messing up deadlines and submissions. 

Instead of passing your time doing other things, you can put this time to use. After finishing the work that got delayed, you can start organising the rest of the day. This will help you be more efficient and increase your chances of finishing work earlier than usual. 

4. Call A Colleague

Although not as fruitful as the points mentioned above, this is a good way to spend your break. This is much better than talking to a random friend who would not understand your work. Calling an office friend means that you can talk about other things as well as discuss your work. 

This is often a nice way to keep yourself motivated. However, make sure to keep your calls short to avoid distracting both your friend and yourself. More often than not, even your cube-mate is waiting for your call. 

5. Create A Music Playlist

Music is the only constant in everyone’s work time. While listening to music is necessary for some people, listening to good music is vital. There is music that can easily distract or slow down your workflow. However, genres like ‘deep house’ are known to increase productivity. 

However, going back and changing the next song is not ideal. Take 5 mins and create a playlist for your work. It is advised that you choose songs that do not have lyrics or too many vocal parts. This can not only help you work faster but also excite your imagination for a better output. 

6. Build On Your Skillset

Do you have a hobby that you have not cultivated for the longest time because of work pressure? Then this can be the time. Sculpting a piece or drawing or practising an instrument for a few minutes in a day can significantly improve your skill. 

While a hobby can be anything, make sure to finish it in the time you have given yourself. Don’t deviate from your work. This not only helps improve focus but builds confidence and concentration as well. 

7. Do Nothing

Yes, you read that right. Do absolutely nothing for 5 minutes. This helps your brain relax and pushes it with energy the next time you sit to work. If it is hard for you to sit still for 5 minutes, you can lie down or take a quick nap as well. 

Final Words

Even though the points mentioned above are some of the best ways to utilise your breaks at home, remember to keep your breaks short; taking longer breaks makes it easier for your mind to get distracted by other things, further ruining your workflow. This will lead to not only late submissions but also a poor result.


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